Nasty Cookie celebrates Halloween 2021 with cat poop brownies

To trick, or not to trick: that is the question. Shakespeare’s probably rolling in his grave as I type, but spooky season is nigh, and I am absolutely down for it. I’ve had my fair share of pranking and being pranked in the past, and this year, Nasty Cookie is coming in hot with their cat poop brownies.

cat poop brownies
Credit – Nasty Cookie Singapore

I honestly did a double-take when I first found out about it, and I’m still shocked now.

These Cat Poop Brownies will set you back S$5. These brownies are served atop a bed of streusel crumbs which perfectly mimics the appearance of cat litter.

a screenshot of ariel and wani's convo

I wasn’t convinced at first but, a quick text to my cat-loving Editor confirmed my suspicions—these cat poop brownies do look exactly like the real deal. The only difference? They won’t stink.

a close up of cat poop brownies
Credit – Nasty Cookie Singapore

Now my main question is: who thought of this idea at Nasty Cookie, and who executed it successfully? Either way, if you’re intrigued enough to pay S$5 to eat cat poop brownies, they’ll be available at all Nasty Cookie outlets and online starting 16 October all the way until 31 October 2021.

A fun prank on your friend, or maybe the excuse you need to buy a box of brownies today? You decide.

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