Restaurant Beurre: 10-Day Butter-Aged Angus Ribeye & Escargot With Truffles At Bukit Pasoh

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When I read the press release for Beurre, two words really stood out for me — ‘steak’ and ‘butter’. These old friends are very familiar with each other and I could imagine how well they were to impress me when they come together as butter-aged steaks.

Yes, you heard right. This brand new baby at Bukit Pasoh was a visual welcome with its stark walls and open kitchen. I can appreciate a restaurant that chooses to adorn its space with paintings, but I feel it’s a bold statement to leave the restaurant unembellished.


My eyes traced every line of both metal and concrete, and the obsessive-compulsive in me was squealing with glee.

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Tomato | Burrata (S$13) is an understated presentation of two very straightforward ingredients, and over here it’s given a touch of sour plum to amp up the tanginess.

It’s a very uncomplicated combination, but served a very important purpose of opening our appetites for the evening.

Beurre 4

The plating for Salmon | Taco (S$17) looked like it should be hung as an art piece, and was made with lashings of dragon fruit aioli. This short stack of salmon, ikura and avocado placed between thin crisps gave a whole new meaning to ‘playing with your food’.

Here, you’re meant to crack through all the layers and mix them around for a good toss, allowing the fattiness and acidity to meld together. The bright burst of flavour from the ikura really topped off every bite, and this was a great appetiser on the whole.

Beurre 5

I really loved the fusion of textures in Unagi | “Man-Tou” (S$18). The unagi was peppered with sakura floss, which added a hint of saltiness, while the tofu purée lent a great creamy mouthfeel. But what really caught my attention were the mantou cubes; so addictively crunchy and paired perfectly with the zesty pickled cucumber ribbons.

This dish was my favourite so far.

Beurre 7

It seems the truffle trend isn’t going anywhere and for the sake of this dish’s existence, I’m so glad it isn’t! The Escargot | Truffle (S$18) was a serving of comfort that was hidden below a pile of shredded potato crisps.

Below it awaited sautéed pork belly and escargot in brown butter mousse, all very luxurious ingredients when combined in a balanced proportion. The perfume of the truffle was only a soft punch, so it didn’t take away the beautiful sweetness of sautéed pork belly. Together, it made my belly really happy.

Beurre 8

The way that foie gras is treated in Foie Gras | Hazelnut (S$26) is with multiple layers of acidity, with grapes, strawberry lime and pickled pearl onions. It can be an ingredient that’s overly fatty and heavy, but the smart employment of fruitiness, coupled with nuttiness, made the experience a balanced one.

The hazelnuts brought out the earthiness of the goose liver, while also providing a pleasant contrasting texture to the dish.

Beurre 9

I love a good octopus leg, especially when charred to perfection. Their Octopus Leg | Salted Egg (S$26) is fashioned as a local take on what would otherwise be a classic Mediterranean dish.

I usually go straight for the fleshiest part of the leg, to not only sink my teeth into its flesh, but to check the grilled leg for bounciness.

This one, sadly, had none. It was, in fact, quite a chore to cut through and required a little more muscle than I’d like to chew. The salted egg sauce and squid ink hummus also failed to blow me away with big flavours and I decided to stick to only one bite of this dish.

Beurre 10

This next one was specially ordered and had us believing that it’s a coveted dish. The Umami | Capellini (S$26) has all the makings of a rich, savoury pasta dish with uni, caviar, prawns, and XO emulsion.

However, my impression was lacklustre as the flavours proved weak on the palate and in fact, leaned more towards delicate than heavy-handed. That being said, the prawns and uni were indeed fresh. However, I wouldn’t give this dish another go if I ever return.

Beurre 12

The highlight of the meal finally arrived: the 10-Day Butter-Aged Angus Ribeye (S$68). It arrived glisteningly hot, and with it, plenty of ooh’s and ahh’s from the table.

Beurre 15

We were also fortunate to be shown a slab of meat that was currently ageing. If no one had explained to us what it was, we wouldn’t have been able to tell it was butter generously slathered on a hunk o’ meat!

Beurre 13

I want to say it was one of the best steaks I’ve enjoyed, but cutting it alone required a bit of effort.

The marbling was beautiful, to say the least, and the steak was cooked with a ruby red hue still showing. There was plenty of bite in every chew and I definitely had to be a bit more patient with chewing here.

Beurre 14

The other beef dish was a 130g Wagyu Chuck | Onion (S$28) that was kinder on the wallet, and gentler on the teeth. What really made me keep returning to this plate was, in reality, its brown butter truffle mousseline.

It added creaminess and an element of earthiness to this palatable dish. I daresay, I actually preferred this to the former steak dish.

Beurre 16

It was time for my favourite course. Their Strawberry Shortcake (S$14) topped off a heavy meal on a light note. The honey and fig ice cream really brought the dessert together, and I appreciated how fluffy the sponge was.

Also, the strawberry jam wasn’t overt in its sweetness, with just a nice touch of sour.

I wanted Beurre to truly blow me away, but I was met with some items that were a non-event. I could pick out things I especially loved like the Escargot | Truffle and 130g Wagyu Chuck, but I couldn’t see myself going out of my way to remember this place the next time someone nudges me for a dinner spot suggestion.

Go if you’re curious; I wouldn’t say it’s unsatisfactory. But just go with an open mind to not be instantly wow-ed by every menu item.

Chope Reservations

Expected Damage: S$50 – S$75 per pax

Price: $ $ $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

Restaurant Beurre

23 Bukit Pasoh, Singapore 089837

Our Rating 3/5

Restaurant Beurre

23 Bukit Pasoh, Singapore 089837

Telephone: +65 660 0597
Operating Hours: 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 10pm (Tue - Sat), 11am - 3pm (Sun), Closed on Mon
Telephone: +65 660 0597

Operating Hours: 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 10pm (Tue - Sat), 11am - 3pm (Sun), Closed on Mon
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