ROJI Chaseki: Forget About Bubble Tea, Try Healthy Fruit Teas & Smoothies At Raffles Xchange

Roji Exterior

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to bubble tea when you’re around Raffles Place MRT, head on over to ROJI Chaseki at Raffles Xchange.

The tea kiosk takes on a minimalist theme, with a neat display of the teas that they have on offer from the ROJI brand that rages from an array of hot, cold and sparkling teas, as well as shakes crafted from the tea selection.

Roji Sweet Potato

On first impression, the Purple Sweet Potato Lattero ($6.40) looks like a hot drink, but is actually a refreshing ice-blended smoothie topped off with chia seeds. I expected it to be quite a thick for an ice-blended shake, however, I was pleasantly surprised by how light it tasted.

The flecks of purple sweet potato gave the smoothie a great texture. I could definitely see myself enjoying this as a takeaway, perhaps to accompany my usual lunchtime salad.

Roji Strawberry Thyme Soda Milk Popcorn Tea

The Sparkling Strawberry & Thyme with Milky Popcorn ($5.80) is a summer carnival in a cup indeed, with a delicious red hue from the strawberry and garnished with strawberry slices and a sprig of thyme.

Its fragrant butterscotch notes come from ROJI’s Milky Popcorn tea, which is used in this sparkling tea concoction. This drink had one of the most unique tastes that I’ve ever tried, and the plus point was that it wasn’t too overwhelmingly sweet.

My guess is that the rich caramel aromas from the tea actually tricks your mind into thinking that this is drink is sweeter than it actually is, which makes for a guilt-free treat.

Roji Kyo Breakfast Tea

If you’re looking for a warm drink, try one of the most popular ROJI tea blends, the Kyo Breakfast ($3.50). This tea was a wonderful sencha blend, as tasted just as good as its black tea counterpart.

It wasn’t overly astringent in taste and would work great as a post-lunch drink to help with digestion.

Roji Bijin Tea

ROJI Chaseki’s signature Bijincha ($6.80) or known as Beauty Tea, is a collagen-packed tea beverage made with antioxidant red dragonfruit. This drink features Ume Ume, a cherry blossom and plum sencha, along with 10,000mg of Japanese marine collagen powder.

You’ll enjoy the natural fruity taste of the red dragonfruit, complemented by the tea, which leaves you with a light plum aftertaste. A true drink for the ladies.

ROJI Chaseki is new tea concept that serves up healthy and unique drinks if you are looking for something a bit more artisanal than your typical KOI or LiHo options. Price-wise, it isn’t that far off from other bubble tea prices, and you get a cup that is comparable to the large size of a typical bubble tea.

For something a little different from your regular tea experience, the Sparkling Strawberry & Thyme with Milky Popcorn is a must-try!

Expected Damage: $5 – $7 per pax

ROJI Chaseki: #B1-64 Raffles Xchange, 5 Raffles Place, Singapore 048618 | Tel: 6779 2948 | Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm (Weekdays), 10am – 2.30pm (Sat) | Facebook