Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse: Raise the Steaks this Valentine’s

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This Valentine’s, whisk your loved one away to Ruth’s Chris Steak House at Marina Mandarin for a sensuous 4-course  dinner packed with quality meats starting from $125++ per set.

Spoiled for choice between meat cuts like the USDA Boneless Prime Ribeye (12 oz). New York and U.S. Petite 6 oz. filet and shrimp, any qualms of having a night short of indulgence should definitely be disregarded.

This curated menu is specially hand-picked from Ruth’s Chris’ most popular dishes to celebrate a most romantic evening with your special one.

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To add a light touch of class to your entire dining experience at Ruth’s Chris, choose from an extensive list of international wine selections and get yourselves a glass of red wine each- Pair your hearty steaks with a bottle of quality red wine and you’re all set for a night of romance.

Apart from making your whole dining experience more relaxed and chatty, the rich, velvety acidity of the red wine matches very nicely with the plump meat cuts to cut through the fats.

Let’s start off this Valentine’s meal with some appetizers shall we…

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Lobster Bisque 

To start off the meal, tickle your senses with a creamy Lobster Bisque – one of the offered appetizers as part of the Valentine’s set.

The thick robust broth is sweet and buttery whilst still maintaining its piquancy with tender bits of lobster and with a slight touch of minty herbs.

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Ruth’s Chop Salad

One other type of appetizer that is made available to you is the Ruth’s Chop Salad if you’re feeling healthier.

While this dish was slightly dense with lemon basil dressing, the strips of lettuce and vegetables were fresh and the textures were nicely balanced out with the thin, crisp slices of onion rings.

I was particularly taken with the onion rings for they were light yet very savory. Personally I’d go for the lobster bisque though for its rich flavours.

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Sauteed Foie Gras

The last appetizer that can be served as a choice is the Sauteed Foie Gras which comes with a dollop of creamy mashed potato.

The foie gras was springy and warm while the peppery flavours infused into the complementary sauce which went very nicely with blander potato puree for a good contrast.

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If, since pampered for choice, you should feel it challenging to decide which appetizer to get, I recommend going for either the Sauteed Foie Gras or the Lobster Bisque!

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U.S. Petite 6 0z. Filet (170g) and Shrimp ($125)

And now, on to the glorious mains…. Presented here is the U.S. Petite Filet topped with a simple patchwork of two tessellating shrimps.

Dusted down with fresh herbs and served atop a buttery, sizzling plate, this thick cut of meat will definitely satiate your appetite. The beef is tender and juicy despite being a lean cut, and when eaten with sides like Mashed Potatoes or Sauteed Mushrooms, the meal is substantial indeed.

This is great for those who prefer a surf and turf variety rather than just having an entire steak. You can also opt for the 8oz Petite Filet if you’re prefer to have a lean all-beef meal.

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USDA Boneless Prime Ribeye (12oz) ($145)

The second type of steak we ordered was the USDA Boneless Prime Ribeye which was served medium rare and with a generous amount of marbling.

The ribeye steak was simply rubbed and the sublimity of the dish is in its showing of the quality USDA Prime meat.

The ribeye left a lingering buttery taste in our mouths which is what I value in well-prepared steaks so I was wholly satisfied. Ample amounts of fat, meat was cooked thoroughly for a most enjoyable steak.

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The steak was supple and beautifully even which gave it a nice pinkish tint. Coupled with the fatty sides, buttery bottom and charred top, this ribeye definitely championed
the entire meal.

Pair it with a glass of full-bodied red wine and you’re all set for the perfect evening.

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Sauteed Mushrooms,  Mashed Potatoes & Creamed Spinach

For each steak dish ordered, a side can be chosen to accompany it – the Sauteed Mushrooms, Mashed Potatoes or Creamed Spinach.

My personal favourite was the Mashed Potatoes as the mash was plush yet not teetering on being overly starchy. The delectable Mashed Potatoes were nicely paralleled with the Sauteed Mushrooms which were more solid and juicy.

While it may be that I have a personal bias against spinach, the creamed spinach was still appetizing in its own gooey way.

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Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

For that redolent finishing note, dig into a sumptuous block of Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake with its rich chocolate base and light, tangy cream. The modest pieces of fruit add a slight hint
of zest to the entire dessert dish.

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All in all, I adored the jazzy setting of the entire place with its ritzy seats and soft, snazzy music and after a hearty meal of steak and wines.

If you can appreciate the simplicity of having a big ol’ American steak with a date for Valentine’s, raise the steaks at Ruth’s Chris this February; Impress your significant other with some fine wine and dining for a night of romance.

Expected Damage: From $125++

Ruth’s Chris Steak House and Restaurant: Raffles Blvd, Marina Mandarin Singapore, Singapore 039594 | Tel: 6336 9093 |Website