Sage Artelier, Sin Ming Plaza: “You move at your own pace and at the end, you have a pretty memento”

I’ll admit that the pandemic fatigue hit me hard, just as I’m sure it did with a lot of us. It’s not easy to keep our spirits up in the wake of ever-changing restrictions and unpredictable guidelines. In between hectic WFH schedules with back to back Zoom meetings, it’s important to take a step back to clear your mind and focus on yourself.

sage artelier's workshop

And it was for that reason I found myself at Sage Artelier one afternoon, having looked forward to trying out their workshops all week. Soak in the soothing sage-toned interior, and marvel at the multicoloured displays of crafts, ranging from embroidery, palette knife painting, clay sculptures, and knitted plush toys.

Getting your hands dirty

sage artelier's clay workshop

Sage Artelier offers three main Clay Workshops (S$75), where you can create a handphone holder, clay cup, or candle holder with air dry clay. It’s simple really. All you need is a little bit of water to soften the clay before you can roll it out and cut it into a shape of the object you want to make.

clay workshop

The great thing about using clay is that there’s really no right or wrong, and the margin of error is pretty wide. You’ll be taught certain techniques to make sure your various clay pieces stick together properly, but as far as hand-holding goes, that’s it.

It’s independent work that calmed me down after a hectic workweek, seated in a shop flooded with natural lighting and trying to make a little trinket tray inspired by my favourite Studio Ghibli film. Oh, and don’t worry about failed attempts—you’ll be gently guided along, whilst ensuring that your clay masterpiece remains a complete culmination of your hard work.

Getting your hands colourful

painting clay trinket trays

Here’s the part where most of us generally get excited for. When your clay has been blow-dried and semi-solidified, it’s go time to give it a coat of paint. It’s pretty self-explanatory, really, though there’s a quiet sort of magic that accompanies the slow transformation when your clay piece starts to look like how you imagined it in your head.

finished clay trinket tray workshop at sage artelier

As a perfectionist, I’ve never really dabbled in anything artsy because worrying about mistakes took all the fun out of crafting. It’s also why I gravitate towards avenues of creativity at Sage Artelier where there’s no right or wrong—when it comes to creating out of clay, you work with what you’ve got, and you make it your own. 

Making waves with a palette knife

finished palette knife painting workshop at sage artelier

Maybe you’d like something pretty that you can hang in your room, in which case, Sage Artelier has a Palette Knife Painting Workshop (S$75) that will let you do just that, even if you’ve had little to no prior experience.

I gave my canvas a quick coat of paint that reminded me of starry night skies I always find so mesmerising, though you’re free to replicate your favourite sunrise, sunset, or afternoon sky as you so wish.

palette knife painting

And when you’re ready, make sure you get plenty of paint on your knife, and swipe away. Envision the direction of the water in your head, and allow yourself to be lulled by memories of crashing waves and salty air as you replicate the ocean and her beauty on your canvas in Sage Artelier’s calming workshop.

palette knife painting

It might be a bit tricky nailing down which portions should be lighter or darker in colour, but that’s okay—there is no formula or structure in depicting the ocean. Layer on the cerulean, touch it up with a bit of cobalt, pack on the navy, and top it all off with some white to create stunning contrast. 

Feel the ocean at your fingertips

a close up of palette knife painting 

Palette knife painting brings along an unexpected dimension to your artwork—all the layers of paint create a three-dimensional piece of art. Wait for the paint to dry, and then run your fingers over all the bumps and uneven layers. It brings out an additional uniqueness to your work; just like the clay, nobody will be able to completely replicate your artwork. 

Final thoughts

finished clay trinket tray workshop at sage artelier

Nothing beats spending a therapeutic afternoon creating something pretty, and Sage Artelier is the place to hit up if you need a calming respite. You move at your own pace, and at the end, you have a pretty memento to bring home as a reminder of the importance of care for yourself.

If this article has piqued your curiousity, Sage Arterlier is offering 20% off for readers who book any workshop at their studio with the code SETH20.

Expected damage: S$75 per pax

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Our Rating: 5 / 5

Sage Artelier

6 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Plaza, #01-16 , Singapore 575585

Our Rating 5/5

Sage Artelier

6 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Plaza, #01-16 , Singapore 575585

Operating Hours: 2pm - 7pm (Tue to Thu), 10am - 7pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Mon

Operating Hours: 2pm - 7pm (Tue to Thu), 10am - 7pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Mon
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