Sakura International Buffet (Yio Chu Kang): Singapore Review

“A star reborn in the North”

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The Suki Group has just launched and revamped Sakura International Buffet at Yio Chu Kang Stadium – aimed at bringing food aficionado for a gourmet tour around-the-world (more than 100 varieties from 7 countries to be exact!).  Before we go into the yummy details, it was an impressive media invite event held on the 22nd January 2015 with a lion dance opening and tossing yu sheng for good luck at this new reopening!

Good news is, this Sakura International Buffet is Halal-certified – A definite plus to share with our Muslims friends, as halal buffets are pretty rare in Singapore.

sakura buffet yck hokkien prawn mee

The first section of the international buffet starts off with Singapore’s hawker area – a reinvented classic of local favourite hawker dish – Boston Lobster & Argentine Red Prawn Hokkien Mee. While it might not have the smoked charcoal version of Lorong 29 standard, nor the heart-stopping lard version of other famous Hokkien Mee, Sakura buffet’s version however is probably the best halal-version of Hokkien Mee I’ve ever tasted.

With its premium ingredients used, this could easily be in the top 5 interpretation of Hokkien Mee in my books.

They also serve Oyster Omelette (orh lua), using Japanese Hiroshima Oysters which are bigger with a more pronounced oceanic taste that brings the seaside into your palate. The style is towards the more Taiwanese Or-Lua version that is more starchy than eggy.

sakura buffet yck hokkien mee oyster omelette

The Boston lobster and huge Argentine Prawns had definitely added their magic into this classic dish several notches up.  This dish alone justify the very reasonable price charged for the buffet, which is self-explanatory on why this stall have the perpetually longest queue the entire night.

We were very impressed with the use of Argentine Red Prawns which I’ve not seen in a buffet before – these prawns are huge and very sweet. We had 2 Argentine prawns each just to make sure we enjoyed the most of it. I am even tempted to make my own Argentine Red Prawn Laksa at the DIY Noodle station nearby… 😉

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Each table also comes with a little personal hotpot which expands the food variety. The array of selection for this personal sized steamboat includes the Argentine Red Prawns and Hiroshima Oysters (we know cause we snuck a quite a few to “upgrade” our Hokkien Mee and Oyster Omelette portions).

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The local food selection is quite impressive.

Food Combo Tip: Use the succulent boiled white Chicken with a dash of sesame oil as extra ingredient to go with the Dried Scallop Chicken Porridge in the Hong Kong area!

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The Prawn Paste Chicken Wings and Satays here are well marinated and tender. I liked the wings, however the Satays were pretty average.

I am probably used to the charcoal flame-grilled version, which are always a tad tastier (due to the cameralized burnt bits). Thus we console ourselves that this version is probably healthier for us anyway.

sakura international buffet yck japanese tempura

Moving on to the Japanese section, I must say the tempura Prawns are very well done here. Lightly crispy and delectable.

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My personal favourite from Suki Group’s outlets are the prawns – nicest when you manage to grab them while its freshly cooked.

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We pigged on assorted sushis…

sakura buffet yck-01223028

and many more pretty makis.

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We definitely approved of the freshness of their sashimi after sampling a few bowls of their Ama Ebi with Salmon Sashimi, Argentine Red Prawn Sushi, Snow Crab Chawamushi, etc.

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The Hong Kong area features a few dim sums a well as the crowd favorite Liu Sha Bao.

sakura buffet yck-01223022

sakura buffet yck-01223021

The two stellar dishes from Hong Kong area are definitely the freshly baked Bird’s Nest Egg Tart and Liu Sha Bao.  Easily the most popular desserts of the house. Gone in 60 seconds, thank goodness they get replenished fast.

Dessert hunters should sit nearby with a line-of-sight to this tray!  We know, cause for the next few days, a flurry of Likes constantly popped up on our phones for these 2 hot favourite desserts photos from the moment we posted on our Instagram accounts.

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From the Western/USA area – Meatballs in Tomato Sauce, Baked Cheese Macaroni, BBQ Hot Dog, Chicken Popcorn, Nachos with Hot Cheese Sauce are available.

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From the French section – Whelk a la Boueguignonne, steamed White Clams, Boiled Prawns, Whole Poached Salmon, Salad Bar, Homemade Pickles, etc.

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Chilled Assorted seafood is also a must at buffets. We didn’t quite make it to the Italian area as by then we were too stuffed to try the carbo heavy items like pizzas and pastas.

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You get to have a bit of everything when you dine at Sakura International Buffet.

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The Belgian Chocolate Haagen-Daz ice-cream with Chocolate Lava Cake dessert is also a worthy mention to wait for – friendly servers will serve it up plated pretty for you too. It’s Haagen-Daz for goodness sake, you know its going to be good.

Other than the lava cake, there are many other interesting desserts as well, such as Durian Penget, Assorted Mochi, Assorted Pastries/cakes, Chilled Mango Sago (a tad too sweet for me), that definitely will please any crowd.

I must say Suki Group has done it again with a well-thought out international buffet concept for the big occasions and a very affordable pricing. We didn’t had a chance to eat all the 100+ varieties this trip, which means we have another excuse to return here again.

If I have to take my entire combined families or a friends gathering to a Halal-certified, International buffet at a wallet-friendly – Sakura International buffet is where I will be at.

Expected damage: Lunch starts from $17.90++ per pax (weekday) to $33.90++ per pax Dinner(weekends)

Sakura International Buffet: 210 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9, #01-208, Yio Chu Kang Stadium Singapore 569 777 | Tel: 6754 8197 | Website