Salted And Hung: Enjoy Cured Meats With Beer Pairings At This Australian Eatery On Purvis Street

Last Updated: July 5, 2017

Written by Gwendolyn Lim


Purvis Street is home to many restaurants and Salted and Hung really stands out, serving contemporary Australian cuisine. Helming the kitchen is Executive Chef Drew Nocente, who has created a menu showcasing dishes that utilise all parts of an animal. He specialises in cured meats and very interestingly, cured seafood as well.

Chef Drew draws his inspiration from his past experiences in cooking and from his observations of his family members who love home-cooking. Born in a country with access to an abundance of fresh produce, the Australian native developed a passion for cooking since in his younger days.


The restaurant features a Chef’s Sharing Menu and an A La Carte Menu with five different sections (Snacks, Small Plates, Josper, Farm and Dessert).

Besides the more hearty meat dishes like the Pig Trotter ($6), Kangaroo ($14) and Iberico Secreto ($32), there are also seafood-centric signatures including Scallop ($26) and Whole Fish (Market Price). 


The Charcuterie ($28) consisted of the Chef’s selection of cured meats. We had the Pig’s Head Terrine, Duck Prosciutto, Lardo with Truffle Honey, Chorizo and Oxtail Rillette alongside slices of peppers and toasted bread.

The spread was well-worth every penny and is great for sharing. The lardo was smooth and paired perfectly with the truffle honey, which didn’t overpower it.


What we found interesting was the oxtail rillette, which was a nice change from the usual duck or pork rillette that you find in restaurants. The rillette was soft and seasoned well, best when eaten with the toasted bread.


Salted and Hung also offers Beer Pairing ($70), which is yet another interesting variation of the usual wine and whisky pairing menus.

We had the 8bit India Pale Ale with the Charcuterie course. It has a high alcohol content of 6.5% and a bitterness which cut through the cured meats, resulting in a well-balanced palate.


Our next dish was the Squid ($12) which was drenched in a yuzu sauce and topped with seaweed salt and pork lard. The squid itself was cooked to perfection with a slight char that accentuated the flavours.

The dish was served with a squid ink aioli which brought out the savouriness of the squid. Dunk those squid chunks into this dip before eating!


The highlight of the day was the Hamachi Collar ($28), which came highly recommended by Chef Drew. The fresh fish was tender and flavourful, with a crispy skin. After the fish is marinated in soy, mirin and sake, it’s then sent to the Josper Oven to be grilled till charred.

The accompanying ingredients really complemented the Hamachi. The lardo, crunchy French beans and fried warrigal (Australian spinach) provided layers of texture to the dish.


For sides, we had the Cauliflower ($10) on a bed of burnt caramel tahini and piccalilli (variation of pickles). The cauliflower pieces were delicious when mixed with the sweet and sour sauces and made the dish taste more complex than it looked.


Our second beer pairing for the three dishes mentioned above was the Duel Hoppy Lager.

Compared to the previous beer, this lager was lighter and smoother to drink. It didn’t overpower any of the dishes and instead, highlighted the flavours.


The Blackmore 9+ Wagyu Flank ($48) came served medium-rare, and was incredibly tender. We particularly enjoyed the accompanying lentils and quinoa stew which was served on the side.

Another interesting item on the plate was the pomegranate aioli. The sweet sauce was delicate on the meat, and elevated the natural flavours.


The Black Mash ($10) is a highly recommended side dish that we also had with the beed. At first glance, it looks like black soil in a flower pot, but it’s actually mashed potato that’s been mixed with charcoal and squid ink.

The texture was super smooth, thick and creamy, and the mash was seasoned perfectly – you should honestly just have this on it’s own. A must-try!


The third beer pairing came in the form of the Chop Shop Pale Ale that was quite pleasant and slightly woody in taste. It balanced the heaviness of the meal with a refreshing finish.

We were already getting pretty full but couldn’t of course resist dessert.


The Peanut Butter Tim Tams ($16) dessert was basically a deconstructed Tim Tam. It was served next to an actual Tim Tam, and the difference was immense.

Beautifully plated, the dessert was rich and chocolatey from the addition of bergamot gel, crunchy chocolate balls, chocolate ganache, peanut butter and milk chocolate ice cream.


The fourth beer was the Fallen Angel Chilli Mocha Pale Stout which comes served in a wine glass so that diners are able to appreciate the nose before drinking. The beer was interestingly spicy and chocolatey in taste, and we soon understood why it was picked to pair with the desserts.

Take a bite of your dessert and then a sip of the beer. Swirl the beer around the dessert in your mouth and savour the alternating flavours.


Our experience at Salted and Hung was sincere and down-to-earth, with a great focus on all the individual components of the dishes. We highly recommend coming here for the Beer Pairing and to get a taste of Australian flavours hardly found in Singapore.

Expected damage: $35 – $100 per person

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Salted and Hung: 12 Purvis Street, Singapore 188591 | Opening hours |Tel: +65 6358 3130 | Website

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