Salted Egg Croissant from Antoinette Singapore Joins The Liu Sha Fight!

Let them fight- Salted Egg Croissant craze in Singapore.

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Riding on the Salted Egg trend in Singapore now, Antoinette has launched their own version of the Salted Egg Croissant.

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Chef Pang Kok Keong, chef-owner of Antoinette has given Antoinette’s well-loved croissant the perfect Asian-inspired filling, in the form of a smooth and creamy salted egg yolk filling oozing out of its light and airy centre.

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As Chef Pang, himself a fan of salted egg yolk, and has a soft spot for liu sha baos, puts it – ‘this creation was simply meant to be together.’

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Antoinette’s salted egg croissant is made with French butter and dough with traditional methods for a crispy and flaky crust, while maintaining the oozing centre once you break it open.

The detail and work into the salted egg croissant is in line with Antoinette’s usual artisan baked goods and guarantees you won’t walk away underwhelmed.
salted egg croissant antoinette-5

Their filling is made with real natural salted egg yolks, sugar and milk, and hand-sieved to give it a silky-smooth texture. This isn’t the same as using salted egg yolk powder as many other places do. Its authentic quality is immediately noticable as you bite into the croissant.

The salted egg yolk is even tossed in brandy first to remove the barnyard flavour that eggs sometimes have – talk about attention to detail! About 3 egg yolks go into each croissant.
salted egg croissant antoinette-2

Antoinette’s salted egg croissant is priced at $6.50++, cheaper than the usual $7.50 ones at other cafes or bakeries.

Their Penhas road outlet launches this salted egg croissant from 1st February ahead of its other outlets and is expected to command a strong demand.

Antoinette’s Mandarin Gallery and Sofitel will start retail from 10 February 2016 onwards.

Limited batches are made each day (around 300 salted egg croissants per batch) so do grab them before stock runs out each day.

Expected Damage: $6.50++ for a salted egg croissant

Antoinette: 30 Penhas Road (off Lavender Street) Singapore 208188 | Tel: +65 6293 3121 | Website