Fire Up Your Meals With Samyang’s New Hot & Spicy Sauces Now Avail In SG

Samyang spicy noodles have garnered lots of attention over the past few years, with many people attempting the viral Spicy Noodle Challenge. This is done with many variations, from the original hot chicken flavour to unique ones such as cheese, ma la and even carbonara.

Undoubtedly, they are delicious but having instant noodles every day just because of that addictive fiery kick is kinda silly. Now, you can with Samyang’s New Hot & Spicy Sauces. They come in their three most popular flavours; the Original, Extremely Spicy and Carbo.

Samyang Sauce Online 1
Credit – Samyang Foods

These sauces are exactly what you think they are, an upscaled version of the mini sachets you get in your instant noodle packets. They can be used in anything, from a dipping sauce for your fried foods to packing a punch in your soups and stir-fries.

Samyang Sauce Online 2

These 200g bottles will definitely elevate any of your dishes into a delectable spicy dish. And the best thing about it is how you are able to control the level of spiciness based on the amount you choose to add.

They are currently available on Shopee from S$8.40 to S$9.60 per bottle, which I think it’s pretty worth it as a little goes a long way. I’m the most excited for the Carbo one, as I’m a huge fan of their rich, creamy and spicy carbonara noodles.

Samyang Sauce Online 3
Credit – Samyang Foods

What about you? Are you a fan of the Samyang spicy noodles? If so, which flavour are you most interested in getting?

Dates & Times: Now avail on Shopee

Price: S$8.40 – S$9.60 per bottle