From Sea to City: Best of Gold Coast Vacation Homes on Show

Gold Coast is a coastal city in Southeastern Queensland of Australia, and once heavily marketed in Singapore more than a decade ago. These days you rarely see images of the happy screaming faces from Movie World, once so hyped up in its glory days.

As a kid, Gold Coast was depicted as the ultimate family vacation in the media, and hence was the seed of desire planted within my head. Imagine my glee when I was invited to a familiarization trip to the Gold Coast, fulfilling my dreams of being one of those kids screaming on a roller coaster going 150km per hour in Movie World. Well, I ended up in DreamWorld and SeaWorld instead but hey, that’s close enough for me.

Thanks to the Wyndham Hotel Group, I got to explore 3 unique destinations around Gold Coast, each offering their individual charm as a vacation home. Hotel-hopping everyday was exhausting no doubt, but the different vacations I got to experience in Gold Coast was well worth the effort.

I’m going to share with you the 3 unquestionably diverse locations within the Gold Coast that even local Australians are flocking to for a mini vacation.

On the Outskirts: Hope Harbor

 ramada hope harbour australia gold coast

Ramada Hope Harbour is about a 40 minute drive away from the Gold Coast Airport, just beside the Hope Harbor Marina and hence its name.

The suburb property here is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city area like Surfers Paradise, carving out its own slice of paradise overlooking the marina.

gold coast australia ramada hope harbour lobby

Ramada Hope Harbour is a relatively new property to Wyndham and is as such still undergoing constant refurbishment- you might see some areas still being made up.

gold coast australia ramada hope harbour

gold coast australia-4999

All rooms offer a sweeping view of either the hotel’s pool or marina, assuring you the openness and serenity you came for. The hotel combines modern facilities with stylish accommodations that won’t disappoint.

Queensland had been having torrential downpours the entire week before we arrived, and the waters are thus a bit more brown and murky than usual from all the debris being washed up. I’ve been assured the seas aren’t dirty or anything, and will return to its natural blue state after a couple of days.

wyndham-bedroom ramada hope harbour

The Marina View Queen Room like the one I stayed in offers 1 queen sized bed, a sofa, view of the marina harbour and of course air conditioning and internet access (which you have to pay additionally for though).

gold coast australia-5002

A quiet, yet modern getaway, transportation might be an issue at Ramada Hope Harbour though and its best if guests either rent a car or arrange a pickup from the hotel.

If you’re looking for some fuss-free reprieve from the city, Ramada Hope Harbour is a good bet. The property is still pretty near several attractions as well, like DreamWorld and MovieWorld so you won’t miss out on the fun while enjoying this tranquil accommodation.



Room Rates start from $134 AUD a night

Address: 11 John Lund Drive, Hope Island QLD 4212 | Tel: +07 5530 9111

The Private Island: Couran Cove

gold coast australia-5108

Situated on Stradbroke Island, this private island resort is just a 15 minute boat ride away from the mainland. The original development was targeted at a more exclusive crowd, which proved to be lacking. After being acquired by Craig Dowling and now managed by Wyndham, this family-friendly resort has become a hit with local families and tourists alike.

gold coast australia couran cove

gold coast australia-5113

The most efficient way to get to Ramada Couran Cove Island Resort is via a relaxing short ferry cruise along the Coomera River across the calm Broadwater from the Hope Harbour Island Terminal. Ferry return fares cost $30 AUD.
 couran cove resort gold coast australia-5155

gold coast australia-5147

gold coast australia-5144

The Studio Deluxe Waterview rooms come with either a double or queen bed, sofa, kitchen facilities for cooking and of course, a view of the lagoon or marina from the balcony.

The immense space is just perfect for families looking for a more nature-drive environment that suits almost all your needs.

gold coast australia-5136

gold coast australia-5138

Nature and culture blend beautifully together to create a truly Australian-styled resort. The sheer size of the island will provide hours of trail-walking amongst the natural greenery as well as wildlife watching. Populated by wallabies, you’ll find these adorable critters munching on grass throughout your stay. Renting a bicycle is highly recommended, or you could spend hours just walking up and down the island.

Staying on this island, each morning is greeted with the gentle sound of nature – the call of native birds, the whisper of the breeze, secluded rainforests and the hushed roll of distant surf. Modern facilities like spas and swimming pool can also be enjoyed by the more urban dweller.

gold coast australia-5160

Water sports, helicopter tours and just general lounging on this waterfront property are just some of the many options on Ramada Couran Cove.

If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway and to get in touch with nature, Couran Cove will be right up your alley.


Room rates start from $179 AUD a night.

Address: 1 Main Street, South Stradbroke QLD 4216 | Tel: +07 5597 9999

Back To The City: Surfers Paradise

gold coast australia-5308

And finally, we complete our vacation roundtrip back to the city of Gold Coast. Wyndham Surfers Paradise is a sleek, contemporary hotel located right in the heart of Australia’s Gold Coast, just 5 minutes walk to Surfers Paradise Beach.

Wyndham surfers paradise hotel gold coast australia-5299

gold coast australia wyndham surfers paradise

Just staying in the humongous 1 Bedroom Deluxe apartment room is a far cry from the usual cramped city hotels in Singapore. Furnishing and setup are as per the high Wyndham standards across their properties, ensuring a comforting stay for the family.

A full balcony, kitchenette, TV, washing and ironing facilities makes Wyndham Surfers Paradise a complete home away from home.
gold coast australia sufers paradise

gold coast australia-5373

Take a walk down Surfers Paradise Boulevard to explore this beautiful Australian city in all its glory, with a huge variety of cafes, restaurants, shops and entertainment that will provide days, if not weeks of enjoyment.
gold coast australia-5348

And the best thing about the city hotel is its convenient walking distance from the sun-kissed beach, where you’ll see locals tackling the waves and just having a great time taking in the sun and waves. Truly a surfer’s paradise. Despite there being so many people, the endless coast has ample space for everyone without feeling claustrophobic unlike the beaches in Kuta, Bali.

With the vibrancy of Gold Coast’s cityscape at your fingertips, Wyndham Surfers Paradise provides the best of the city with all modern amenities for a relaxing stay.



Room rates start from $169 AUD a night

Address: 3018 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217 | Tel: +07 5579 6500

Getting to Gold Coast, Australia from Singapore

scoot 787 singapore-4985

Now its even more convenient from Singapore to get to Gold Coast, Australia with Scoot’s direct flights aboard their massive 787 Dreamliner. It takes about 7 hours from Singapore to the Gold coast. Long haul flights made affordable, access to this beautiful country has never been easier with low-cost carrier Scoot bringing the big guns.

Read about my experience on the Scoot 787 direct flight to Gold Coast.

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