Seafood International Restaurant: Singapore Food Review

“Fresh With Variety Seafood”

Guest Writer: Rei | Guest Photography: Isaac (Canon 5D Mark III, 100mm f/2.8 Macro)

Seafood International lobster

The destination in mind was The Seafood International – a market and restaurant with a smiling lobster for its logo and also interestingly enough, has a website called In retrospect, I don’t remember eating any lobster that night, but whatever.

*Seth: It’s in the a la carte dinner menu. 

Seafood international chilli crab 2

In celebration of the restaurant’s 30th anniversary, we were treated to a sit-down-buffet of 30 signature dishes. This is of course the best kind of buffet for the lazy man; for the 2 hours I was there, the greatest physical effort exerted was swatting Seth’s camera aside to let me tear into the food. And there was a lot of food.

*Seth: A la carte buffets are the best.Seafood international  shooter of crab and mango


Shooter of Mango with Crab Meat Salad

The anniversary menu boasts a comprehensive check-list of edible things from the sea including clams, crabs, frogs, squids, oysters etc. There was also the odd poultry dish but these were dutifully ignored. For a rather reasonable price of $68.80++ per person, you’re entitled to eat anything off the menu in unlimited quantities. And as a happy bonus, you get to down it with free flow wine and beer.

*Seth: the buffet is worth it even just for the wines, excellent smooth selection. Seafood international chilli rab

Singapore’s Famous Chilli Crab

The first thing we went for was obviously the crab. There are 2 styles available – the familiar Singapore chilli crab and the more exotic Thai curry crab. Both are award winning dishes, though the 3-time winning chilli crab fared better than its Thai counterpart. I can’t describe food very well but let’s just say the crab meat fell off the shell in tender chunks, and I couldn’t stop sopping up the chilli sauce with the fluffy warm mantous.

*Seth: loved the chilli crab and sauce, Thai version not so much.Seafood international prawns and gong gong

Poached Tiger Prawn and Gongong

The poached tiger prawn and gong gong was also a star dish. Sitting plain on a bed of ice, the prawns looked uninspiring but upon first bite, were remarkable for its freshness and natural sweet flavour. I don’t eat gong gong because they remind me too much of snails (mortal fear), but my dinner mates were suitably impressed.

*Seth: Gonggong and prawns were amazingly fresh.Seafood International shanghainese eggs

Shanghainese Tea Smoked Egg with bonito Flake topping

We continued our cholesterol fest with the Shanghainese tea smoked egg with bonito flake topping. Tasted like wobbly ramen eggs but hey who doesn’t love ramen eggs. We ordered this twice.

*Seth: half-boiled egg with centre yolk still runny, we were very EGGCITED. hurhur. Seafood international live sea bass

Steamed live Seabass 

The dishes came in droves after this. I felt like the waitress was part of the dinner entourage instead as she kept coming over to stuff us with food and beer. The steamed live seabass was a welcome palate cleanser with its refreshing, mildly sour Thai flavor.Seafood international clams

Stir Fried White Stone Clam with Mirin

The oysters with green chilli marmalade were consistently fresh and lacked any oceanic after taste. Didn’t really like the green chilli marmalade though, was too spicy and overshadows the natural oyster taste. Again, the freshness of the seafood here is outstanding. A basket of garlic bread also landed on our table…perplexing as garlic bread isn’t on the menu but I guess maybe the aunty really liked us or something.

*Seth: try the clams as well, Mirin adds that sweetness that goes well with fresh clams.Seafood International Live sea scallop

Live Sea Scallop with French Black Garlic Sauce

All in all, I had enough seafood to tide me over for a month. Go for this if you’re a stickler for freshness and variety as the seafood International doesn’t disappoint in these 2 areas. The offer ends 31 October so make your way down to east coast and inhale the entire menu, and then lay off the cholesterol for awhile.

*Seth: The live seafood is the highlight here, you can’t go wrong with the seafood dishes which scrumptious and definitely worth ordering. 

Seafood international crispy prawns

Wok Fried Live Prawn with Butter, Crispy Oat & Egg Floss

Expected Damage: $80 per pax

Seafood International Restaurant: 902 East Coast Parkway Singapore | Tel: 6345 1211 | Website

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