Seafood Paradise: Original Paradise Restaurant Reopens at MBS With Old-Time Favourites And New Dishes

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When it comes to dining in MBS, our minds turn to words like ‘atas dining’, ‘over-budget’ or ‘too westernised’. But rest assured that the recent relocation of Seafood Paradise from Defu Lane to Level 2 of The Shoppes of Marina Bay Sand will turn many heads towards MBS.

Seafood Paradise from Defu Lane that has moved into MBS on 14 September 2016, itis the first concept born out off the Paradise Group, offering Chinese cuisine of the best quality at reasonable prices.

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Best known for their delicious chilli crabs, I remembered those days when I had to queue for fresh crabs and this brought back nostalgic feelings.

Here we are today at MBS, recollecting memories of savouring the crab dishes, while discovering new food items on the menu that will surely bet a second visit.

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The restaurant has a luxurious setting with deep-set silver-grey table clothes with most tables large enough to seat larger families. There are also private rooms that overlook the interior of MBS, good for business meetings or celebrations.

Without further ado, we were served with the most scrumptious meal.

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黄酒煲加拿大龙牙蚌 Poached Canadian Live Clam with Chinese Wine in Claypot – $38 (small), $57 (medium), $75 (large)

The first dish that arrives on the table is a giant steaming pot filled to brim with Canadian clams prepared in three types of wines, namely shao xin, white and yellow wine.

The clams are also baked before being cooked in the pot so to ensure the freshness and sweetness.

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Most importantly, they are plump with a smooth texture, and having absorbed the broth, become flavourful and juicer with that little burst of briny taste in the mouth. I’m sure seafood lovers will love this decadent bowl of clams.

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香煎澳洲活鲍鱼 Pan-fried Australian Live Abalone – $28 per pc (approx. 60g), $38 per piece (approx. 120g)

One of the new creations by Seafood Paradise is this palm-sized abalone sliced beautifully and pan-seared.

On the side is the mini salad served in an abalone shell, which provided slight tanginess to the overall taste of the dish. Give the lemon a little squeeze on the abalone for a refreshing reset to the palate in each bite.

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砂锅生焗翡翠鱼 Braised Jade Perch with Supreme Soya Sauce in Claypot – starts from $8 per 100g, depending on type of fish chosen

The Jade Perch is an Australian fish braised in a secret concocted sauce. The only ingredients that was evident in the sauce was the presence of ginger and orange peels that are used as part of the mixture.

The fish is firm yet soft within giving hints of its freshness. Consistent and light on the palate this is one of my favourite comfort food.

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酥炸鲜鱿通心菜 Crispy Kang Kong topped with Cuttlefish in Homemade Seafood Sauce – $14.80 (small), $21.80 (medium), $28.80 (large)

Unlike any regular kang kong cuttlefish dish you can find at zi char stalls, the deceptively unassuming Crispy Kang Kong turned out to be the most interesting dish on the menu. It tasted like the kale chips, which was so additive to munch on.

The leaf portion of the kang kong vegetable was used in the dish and fried to crisps. Also, the cuttlefish remains succulent and tender in texture. Dip them into the hoisin sauce mixed with Thai sweet chilli added sweetness and spiciness.

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金沙奶油加州珍宝蟹 Signature Creamy Butter Dungeness Crab topped with Coconut Crumbs – seasonal price

Finally, the star dish of Seafood Paradise makes its appearance. Dungeness Crabs are used as they contain more roes, which are also used as part of the sauce-making process.

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The result is a thick creamy sauce that is lusciously smooth and interlaced with hints of sweetness from the crab and the roes.

The creaminess of the gravy may get Jelak after a while, but if you are a serious crab lover, it wouldn’t be a problem, especially when shared amongst two or three friends.

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新加坡辣椒焖斯里兰卡肉蟹 Singapore Chilli Style Sri Lankan Crab – seasonal price

The Chilli Crab is a must-try dish served in a huge bowl of viscous sweet and slightly spicy sauce. The spiciness kicks in subtly on first bite, but is well manageable even for non-chilli eaters.

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Deep-fried Buns – $3 for 4 pcs

What’s having chilli crab without deep-fried buns, we had several servings of the buns to mop up every bit of the gravy.

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斯里兰卡肉蟹炒米粉 Wok-fried Bee Hoon with Sri Lankan Crab – seasonal price

My personal favourite was the Wok-Fried Bee Hoon, it had the sweet and savoury essence of the crab seeped entirely into the bee hoon, making it more delectable and not overly cooked till dry.

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The crabs shown in the photos above weighed around 800g, with the Sri Lanka crabs going at $7-8 per 100 grams depending on season.

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话梅香茅果冻 Chilled Lemongrass Jelly in Lemonade and Sour Plum Juice – $6.50

Even with my pants bursting at the seams, I am always looking forward to a cooling dessert after a hearty meal.

The Chilled Lemongrass Jelly satisfied the sweet tooth of mine, which was well-balanced with the lemonade and sour plum for a refreshing end to the meal.

Just a few weeks following its opening, the restaurant has been doing well in its business. Even on a Tuesday night, it was full house. So, you’ll want to make reservations when visiting.

Overall, Seafood Paradise has prided itself in delivering the freshest catch and quality food right to your table. Since its shift from Defu Lane, Seafood Paradise still retains their signature dishes while introducing some new additions to the menu. The dishes are definitely worth a try, so head on down with a couple of friends and family.

Expected Damage: $60 – $80 per pax

Seafood Paradise: No. 10 Bayfront Avenue, #02-03 Marina Bay Sands (Level 2 Dining), Singapore 018956 | Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 11:30AM – 3:30 AM, 5:30PM – 11PM | Tel: +65 6688 7051 | Website

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