Pay it forward with Secondmeal, a non-profit that donates meals to the needy

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As a food publication, we are all about recommending places for you to spend your hard-earned money on. Still, in bright and shiny Singapore, we forget that there might be some people who need a little bit more help. Secondmeal is a non-profit organisation where you can gift a meal to those in need.

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Secondmeal works like an intermediary where you can easily sponsor a meal to beneficiaries of your choice on their website.

meals to donate on secondmeal

How it works is pretty simple. You would select the charity you would like to support and choose how many meals you would like to sponsor.

You can even opt for a subscription-based model to donate every month or automatically renew your purchase when the meals have been claimed. Secondmeal suggests that you could opt for a smaller amount of meals but commit to a longer period of time. They support charities such as Happy People Helping People, who provide meals for the elderly who collect cardboard.

phone screenshot of donated meals

Secondmeal understands that when it comes to any non-profit organisation, transparency and accountability are important. When you do sponsor a meal, Secondmeal will provide you with a unique URL link so that you can track the date and time your meal is being claimed by a beneficiary so that you know your contribution goes directly to the beneficiary and is on a necessity.

A meal might seem like something we barely think about, but it might mean everything to some.

It’s certainly a useful service that helps some of the most vulnerable groups in our society. If you would like to find out more about Secondmeal’s mission or ways to help, you can visit them here. Otherwise, you can also look into goodbees, Singapore’s first food sponsorship market place.