Finish This Hotter-Than-Hell Spicy Stew Challenge & Get A Discounted Meal At Seoul Yummy Outlets Till 8 July

seoul yummy spicy challenge - 2

As a mala addict, I’m always on the lookout for mouth-watering and simultaneously tongue-burning spicy food. Thankfully, Seoul Yummy has just the thing, and better yet, it’s a challenge!

We gathered our bravest writers and headed down to their K-pop themed outlet in Square 2 to take it on.

seoul yummy spicy challenge - 6

Presenting Seoul Yummy’s latest Dae Bakkeum Tang Set ($49.80++), which is available from now till 8 July 2018. This spicy stew that’s meant for two to three people also doubles up as a spicy challenge for all you spice addicts, and is one with big rewards!

seoul yummy spicy challenge - 8

So how does this challenge work? You and your ‘team’ can choose a spicy stew according to three spicy levels from one to three.

Each spice level entitles you to a corresponding discount off the set if you finish the stew; the higher the level, the better the discount! (Level 1: 10% off, Level 2: 20% off, Level 3: 30% off)

seoul yummy spicy challenge - 12
That moment when you regret being garang and ordering the spiciest stew.

Having eaten mala at least once a week, I was a little garang and picked Level 3.

One spoon in and kid you not, my tongue was set ablaze! The spice level is comparable to the infamous Samyang Noodles, perhaps even hotter. I’ll admit, I shed some real tears.

seoul yummy spicy challenge - 5

Looking beyond the spice, the set is very worth your bucks, as it was brimming with huge chunks of chicken. The meat was extremely tender and really fell right off the bone.

seoul yummy spicy challenge - 9
At least they didn’t forget my favourite instant noodles!

However, we did find the stew lacking a bit of the hearty flavours typical of Korean Army Stews, probably due to the absence of the usual baked beans and luncheon meat. Nonetheless, after leaving it to stew for a while, the soup did become richer in flavour from the ingredients.

seoul yummy spicy challenge - 10

Thankfully, the set also comes with a 1-for-1 deal on all beverages and mocktails to help out all the burning tongues. I settled for the fruity Knock Knock ($6.90++), a refreshing and citrusy tea filled with mixed fruits.

But that’s not all there is to the promotion; the stew even comes with one free appetiser and a dessert! Talk about value for money.

seoul yummy spicy challenge - 4

My tongue may be scorched from the stew but I simply couldn’t resist Seoul Yummy’s tempting Kimchi Pancake (U.P. $7.80++, additional $1 for cheese).

Although the kimchi flavour could be a little more pronounced, the pancake was deliciously crisp. Not to mention the oozy cheese layer that helped to alleviate the lingering heat in my mouth.

seoul yummy spicy challenge - 14

The dessert, however, was the true hero of the day. With a selection of Korean patbingsoo to choose from, the milky shaved ice was the perfect finish to this fiery meal.

After much deliberation, we settled on the Black Yellow (U.P. $11.90), a chocolate banana bingsoo topped with Oreo crumbs which were definitely heaven-sent. Not only was it creamy and addictive, but it also fully extinguished the inferno in my mouth.

seoul yummy spicy challenge - 13
Level 3 already made us water parade more than once!

We conquered it! Some of you may scoff at us for burning out on only Level 3, which is why Seoul Yummy, for one day only, is launching a Level 5 challenge (max four pax) at the Square 2 outlet only this 30 June 2018!

Complete the entire stew and you’ll get the whole meal for free, plus stand a chance to win $50 Seoul Yummy dining vouchers. Even if you don’t, you’ll still get the set for 50% off. Is this too hot for you to handle?

Dates & Time: 11 June – 8 July 2018, Available all day; Level 5 Challenge only available on 30 June 2018 (at Square 2 outlet)

Price: $49.80++ per stew (includes 1-for-1 deal on all beverages & mocktails + 1 appetiser + 1 dessert)

Seoul Yummy Dak Baekkeum Tang Set: 10 Sinaran Drive, Square 2, #03-68, Singapore 307506 | Tel: +65 6397 6939 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 11.30am – 10pm | OutletsWebsite | Facebook