10 Shabu-Shabu Restaurants In Singapore For A Quality Japanese Hot Pot Party

Shabu-shabu is a Japanese hotpot dish where meat slices and vegetables are boiled in a broth. While the Chinese may call it steamboat, the Japanese actually named the dish after the sounds that the ingredients make when they’re swishing and swooshing beneath the surface of the boiling soup.

While you’re probably thinking, “Why not just order steamboat?”, the difference actually lies in the type of broth used and the quality of the meats. Keen to try Sake Nabe and Omi Wagyu Beef at pocket-friendly prices? Here’s a compilation of 10 shabu-shabu restaurants to check out in Singapore.

1. Tamashii Robataya


Tamashii Robataya specialises in robatayaki, where diners can sit by a long table and watch the chefs grill their choice of ingredients. There’s actually another section of the restaurant though that’s set aside for those who want shabu-shabu and sukiyaki.

Sake hot pots are a common sight in Japan but they’re not a trend in Singapore just yet, so you might be happy to know that Tamashii Robataya offers them on the menu.


The shabu-shabu and sukiyaki all come in sets, starting from about $58 per person.

Go for the A5 Saga Gyu Sukiyaki ($90 per pax) and order the Nikka Whisky Black ($40 for 100ml). Sake is used in the broth and if you are wondering if the food will taste like sake, the ingredients will only have a slight bitterness to them.

Nonetheless, an interesting dining experience!

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Tamashii Robataya: 12 North Canal Road #02-01 Singapore 048825 | Tel: +65 6222 0316 | Opening hours: (Mon to Sat) 12pm-2.30pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm, Closed on Sun | Website

2. Black Cow


Black Cow specialises in shabu-shabu, sukiyaki and a sake bar where you can pair your food with some of the good sakes available. The shabu-shabu comes in four meat choices, starting at $70 per person for the Kurobuta Pork Shabu-Shabu.

We highly recommend the Kagoshima Japanese Wagyu Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki ($98), with perfectly marbled, tender beef slices.


The portion is for one person but the amount given is good enough for two. You can still order a few sides to go along with the shabu-shabu. The menu boasts some interesting a la carte dishes like the popular Wagyu Tataki with Sea Urchin and Caviar ($58) and Minced Wagyu Beef Tsukune ($18). 

The shabu-shabu broth was light yet flavourful, and most importantly, the quality of the meats were impeccable. We were also told that the actual hot pots are specially flown in from Japan, made specially to prevent accidental scalding while eating.

Black Cow: 26 Beach Road #B1-20, South Beach Avenue, 189768 | Tel: +65 6386 6720 | Opening hours: (Mon to Fri) 12pm-3pm, (Mon to Sat) 6pm-10.30pm, Closed on Sun | Website

3. Shabu-Sai

Shabu Sai

For those seeking a family-friendly restaurant for shabu-shabu, Shabu Sai is the place to go. With five outlets across Singapore, Shabu Sai is not only affordable but has multiple outlets conveniently located across the island.

Adults can enjoy lunch from only $14 and dinner from $22.90 onwards at all outlets except Orchard Central, which charges $2 more. For a limited time of 90 minutes, diners can order as many sets of the Sliced US Beef, South American Pork and Brazilian Chicken.

Depending on what’s in season, you can choose between Mala Chicken, Herbal or Shiitake and Truffle as the soup base. Each pot can hold up to two broths so you get a bit more choice.

The buffet line is stocked with an array of vegetables and sides, so make it count!

Shabu Sai: Various Outlets, Opening Hours and Contact Details | Website

4. Shabuya and Shochu Bar


Shabuya and Shochu Bar offers an extensive menu featuring not just shabu-shabu but also sashimi, salad and appetisers.

There are thee kinds of sets to choose from:

Japanese Miyazaki Beef Set ($128.80 for two pax, $248.80 for four pax)

Premium Beef Set ($88.80 for two pax, $168.80 for four pax)

Shabuya Combination Set ($58.80 for two pax, $108.80 for four pax)

Instead of just a fixed soup base, you get to choose from five different broths such as Tonkatsu, Shoyu, Dashi, Chilli and Chicken. Ordering the Miyazaki Set will already get you an assortment of meats, some seafood like Green Mussels and Live Clams, Tempura Moriwase and Assorted Oden.

The meal can get really filling and it’s a pretty good deal since you can get both meats and seafood in one set.

Shabuya and Shochu Bar: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-116 VivoCity, Singapore 098585 | Tel: +65 6377 0070 | Opening hours: (Mon to Fri) 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10pm, (Sat & Sun) 11.30am-4pm, 6pm-10pm | Website

5. Tsukeru Shabu Shabu


Tsukeru Shabu Shabu sets itself apart by offering a choice of Japanese (Tonkotsu Miso, Tan Tan Sesame and Tsukeru Konbu Seaweed Broth) or Asian (Tom Yum, Ginseng Chicken and Savoury Tomato Broth) soup bases. Where else can you find a seaweed broth and tomato broth in the same place?

You can also opt for premium A5 Wagyu beef, live Boston Lobster ($38 for half), chilled Abalone ($24 for five pieces), Madai Fish Head ($12 for half) and Tiger Prawns ($13 for four pieces). Can’t decide on what to get? Go for the platters instead like the Premium Beef Selection ($78) and Madai Kabuto Platter ($17 for one pax). 

The highlight is definitely the unique broths though, so make sure you get a gang together to try them all!

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Tsukeru Shabu Shabu: 6 Raffles Boulevard #01-18 Marina Square, Singapore 039594 | Tel: +65 6812 2174 | Opening hours: (Daily) 11.30am-3pm, 6pm-10pm | Website

6. Sakurazaka

Shabu Shabu

Choose from a selection of Shabu Shabu Pork ($48), Shabu Shabu Seafood ($54) or Shabu Shabu Beef ($64) at Sakurazaka. The meats and seafood all come with a choice of Soup, Assorted Vegetables, Udon/Egg noodles/Japanese rice, and Japanese Shaved Ice Kakigori. 

For those who opt for the beef set, you can choose between the Bouillabaisse or Ago Dashi soups. The Chef infuses European flavours into the Japanese shabu-shabu, with the Bouillabaisse broth for example, being a traditional bony Provençal fish stew.

If you like something more Japanese, the Ago Dashi broth would be a good choice, made from dried flying fish and dashi. The broth is full of umami and is so good that you can even just drink it on it’s own.

Sakurazaka: 24 Greenwood Avenue Singapore 289221 | Tel: +65 6463 0333 | Opening hours: (Mon to Fri) 6pm-10.30pm, (Sat & Sun) 11.30am-3pm, 6pm-10.30pm | Website

7. Momiji Shabu Shabu


Besides Momiji Restaurant at Revenue House, there is also a Momiji Shabu Shabu located at Shaw Plaza on the same floor as the cinema. The buffet spread there is pretty extensive.

On the buffet line you’ll find rows of vegetables, mushrooms, crab sticks, fishballs, clams, fish and octopus. The signature bamboo meat paste is a must-try! You can also choose from seven types of soup bases such as the Tom Yum, Spicy Mala, Herbal and so on.

Fans of mala will rejoice at this spicy mala soup – the spice level is akin to your typical Sichuan hot pot, and will leave you sweating for more. Filled with a lot of chilli and leeks, this is not for the faint hearted.

Prices start from $20.80++ during lunch and there is a discount for senior citizens aged 60 years and above. So, what are you waiting for? Time for a steamboat before your next cinema date!

Momiji Shabu Shabu: Shaw Plaza, 360 Balestier Road  #04-01, Singapore 329783 | Tel: +65 6258 3398 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Fri) 11.30am-2.30pm, (Sat) 11.30am-4pm, (Mon to Thurs) 5pm-9.30pm, (Fri to Sun) 5pm-10pm | Website

8. Shabu Shabu Tajiyama


Bearing in mind the motto of ‘good quality food with a reasonable price’, Shabu Shabu Tajiyama prides itself in offering both shabu-shabu and sukiyaki in a buffet style at affordable prices.

The lunch set is actually split into two – those with a small appetite can go for the set with a fixed amount of meat like the Aussie Beef and Pork ($17.90++) or the Japanese Wagyu Beef and Pork ($26.90++).


Hungry folk can opt for the 60 minutes all-you-can-eat buffet instead. If you are craving for premium beef, the Japanese First Class Black Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki will be a good choice, going at $62.90. This set includes pork ribs, loin and chicken thigh.

With so many meat options, our only complaint is the short time given to savour everything.

Shabu Shabu Tajiyama: 4F Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238877 | Tel: +65 6694 6535 | Opening hours: (Mon to Fri) 11.30am-11pm, (Sat & Sun) 11am-11pm | Website

9. Shaburi and Kintan Buffet

Shaburi and kintan buffet

Craving for something Japanese but can’t decide to go for shabu-shabu or BBQ? Shaburi and Kintan Buffet has got you covered. Lunch and dinner feature slightly different menus, although the concept still remains largely the same.

Diners can choose to either have the shabu-shabu or kintan buffet and each diner will receive their own hot pot. For lunch, diners have the option of a Plate Set Menu starting from $12.80 or the 90 minutes All You Can Meat buffet at $19.80++.

Some of the special soup bases include the Soy Milk Miso and Chicken Collagon Paitan. The Kintan Buffet is priced competitively at $22.90, offering ten kinds of free-flow items. Big eaters can level up for the Special Wagyu Buffet at $54.80 with 34 items on the menu.

Now this is a super decent shabu-shabu experience.

Shaburi and Kintan Buffet: 50 Jurong Gateway Road Jem#03-11/12, Singapore 608549 | Tel: +65 6262 4329 | Opening hours: (Daily) 11.30am-10pm | Website

10. Suki-ya


With eight outlets in Singapore, Suki-Ya is popular among families and children and boasts wallet-friendly prices for high quality food. Diners can choose to have sukiyaki or shabu-shabu with broths like the Tonyu Miso (miso and soy milk) or the Kimuchi and Butaniku (pork) broth.

Diners will have 80 minutes to enjoy lunch at $18.90 or dinner at $24.90. Do note that you’ll be charged an additional $2 for the weekend and public holidays.

For those who want to include some vegetables in the meal, there is also a buffet counter with a wide array of salads, mushrooms and Yong Tau Foo ingredients. At the same time, order some slices of beef, pork and chicken for your shabu-shabu too.

It’s a hot pot party!

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Suki-Ya: Bugis+,#04-14/15 201 Victoria Street Singapore  188067 | Tel: +656884 5778 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 1130am – 10pm | Various Outlets, Opening Hours and Contact Details | Website

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