Upgrade your home with these Shopee deals, now till 21 November – just in time for Christmas

With one week left to November, I can finally say: ‘Tis the season for gift-getting and home-upgrading. Yes , it might seem hard to believe, but 2020 is almost coming to an end—in exactly 61 days. As the nation prepares for a Christmas with Covid-19 measures still lurking in place, there’s no better way to avoid the crowd altogether by doing your shopping online.

If you need another reason why online shopping is your best choice this year, here’s a great one—from 21 Oct to 21 Nov, Shopee is having a big sale with massive discounts across 35 major participating brands. Not only can you avoid the physical crowds, but you can also save some money with the best deals—and in struggling times like these, such deals can really come in handy.

To make life a little less taxing, I’ve gone ahead and done the homework for you, fret not. Whether you’re getting gifts for your elderly parents, your friends with their own homes or your gadget-loving teenage nieces and nephews, Shopee has it all. Here are 10 of the most worth it deals from the participating brands that you should seriously consider getting your paws on.

1. Ninja Kitchen

Concoct the freshest fruit juices with the Ninja Blender Professional Blender (S$119), which is going at 40% off, with an additional option of S$5 off with every $100 spent.

The Ninja Blender Intellisense System Ninja Food Processor (S$409)—which comes with the Ninja Pro Extraction Blades that can cut through ice, seeds and stems for a super smooth blend—is also going at 32% off.

shopee 1

For those who love making ice-blended smoothies to enjoy with their families, or if you’ve always thought of getting a new blender, now’s your chance.

2. Mayer

On the note of household products, Mayer is a brand you’d most definitely have heard of before, famous for items like fans, kettles, ovens and the likes.

If you’re thinking of adding or upgrading to your kitchen appliances, they’re having a tantalising 50% offer on their 38L Digital Electric Oven (S$249), and 52% off for 2 Glass Burner Gas Hobs + Chimney Hood, amongst other deals.

shopee 2

2020 has gotten us all confined to having meals in our kitchens more often than ever, so why not give it a much-needed upgrade at a lower cost?

3. Leifheit

Clean any type of floor with Leifheit’s Handheld Portable Steam Mop Cleaner that comes with multiple, adjustable settings for different surfaces to ensure that you’re forever stepping on clean, pristine floors at home.

shopee 3

This would be a great gift for someone who lives with children or pets, as they will surely appreciate a good floor-cleaning device in their household—you know, for all the spilt food and play items.

Leifheit is having a 25% off offer on Shopee for this nifty floor cleaner, amongst other amazing deals. Get it for S$299 (U.P S$398) if you place your order now.

4. Proscenic

The year is 2020 and if there’s anything that can impress a time-traveller from the 80s, it’s the voice-activated robot vacuum cleaners that can clean your entire house without you having to get up from your comfortable sofa.

This is exactly what Proscenic specialises in, and they too are having a limited offer on their products— their 820S Robot Vacuum Cleaner (S$225) is now selling for a whopping 53% off (U.P S$475).

shopee 10

It’s practical, it’s futuristic, and it looks like something straight out of The Jetsons. It’s the perfect gift for those who just want to rest on the weekends but at the same time need their houses cleaned. Because, hello, we’re still in a pandemic, yes.

They also have similar offers on other products, too, so be sure to check them out before the sale ends.

5. TP-Link

People buy cameras for their homes for a wide variety of reasons, like keeping an eye on their pets while they’re at work, or ensuring that they don’t get any unwanted visitors when no one’s home.

In any case, an added sense of security is always welcome for a comfortable, private home and when it comes to home cameras, TP-Link is your go-to brand.

shopee 4

TP-Link’s Tapo C200 Home Security Wi-Fi Camera (S$59) comes with 1080p resolution and is currently available on Shopee at 25% off—what’s more, you also get 50 Shopee Coins when you buy this product on Shopee.

If you experience Wi-Fi connection issues at home, their Archer AX10 AX1500 WiFi 6 Router (S$99, U.P S$169), which works with all Telcos and comes equipped with 4 antennas for broader coverage, is a great option and something you’d definitely want to consider.

6. Marshall

Audiophiles, here’s one for you—Marshall is a household name for speakers, amplifiers, and sound equipment, and they certainly don’t need an introduction if sound is your thing.

Good news for you, because Marshall is also having some great discounts on Shopee if you make your purchase now.

shopee 5

Earn 50 Shopee coins as well as claim up to $30 off (with a minimum spend of $700) on a range of Marshall products like the Woburn II Bluetooth Home Speaker (S$839) and the Stockwell II Bluetooth Speaker (S$299), which is also going at a 21% off discounted price.

This not only makes for an awesome personal item, but it’s also a great gift. You know what they say, give a Marshall speaker to an audiophile and he will love you for life.

7. Sonos

Thinking of upgrading your home’s sound system for a powerful, cinematic experience in the comfort of your own living room? If so, get your hands on 50 Shopee coins when you purchase Sonos’ Wireless Soundbar (S$699), and the Sonos One Wireless Speaker (S$299).

shopee 6

Entertain your guests on Christmas day in the best way with these. All you need are these bad boys, some popcorn, a comfortable recliner and you’ll never need to take a trip to the theatres ever again. But if you do, remember to use TraceTogether please.

8. Klipsch

The famous American loudspeaker company is known globally for their high-quality headphones and earpieces. Here’s a great chance for you to get your hands on some of their products at a discounted price.

The T5 II True Wireless Sports Mclaren Special Edition Earphones (S$399) comes with the added option of up to S$20 off when you spend a minimum sum of S$400.

These earpieces have up to 8 hours of battery life and come with more than 6 different types of earbuds, allowing you for maximum grip to ensure that they won’t fall off the next time you’re out on a run.

shopee 7

The Klipsch Bar 48 Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer (S$779, U.P S$999), is also going at 22% off and comes with free shipping. This is mouth-watering for you home-theatre aficionados, and since confining ourselves at home is the better option amidst these Covid times, why not make our homes as comfortable as ever while we’re at it.


Stand a chance to win 20% Coins Cashback if you purchase the ASUS Zenbook (S$2,098), ROG Desktop (S$1,298) or the ROG Laptop (S$2,198) with Shopee today—these coins can be collected and redeemed on future purchases for more discounts.

shopee 8

If you’re looking for a new laptop or desktop, ASUS is known globally for their award-winning motherboards, so here’s your chance to grab one, and earn points while you’re at it.

10. Dettol

Ah, Dettol—the brand synonymous with sterility and cleanliness. And in times like today, there’s really nothing more crucial than to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean and safe from harmful bacteria.

Dettol is having an offer on some of their bundled items—like the 5 packs of 50 Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes (S$29.02), which is going at 10% off (U.P S$32.25).

shopee 9

Keep the air in your household fresh and bacteria-free with Dettol’s Bundle of 3 450ml Crisp Breeze Disinfectant Sprays (S$24.16, U.P S$26.85), and your hands covid-free with their Bundle of 4 50ml Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser (S$11.88, U.P S$13.20).

When it comes to great deals and amazing offers, Shopee certainly delivers on that front and what better time than now, with Christmas right around the corner. These are only 10 brands out of the many that are currently having promotions on Shopee, so crack your knuckles, flex those fingers, and get ready for some serious scrolling in search for the best deals.

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