Shuang Bao Thai Street Food, Bedok North: A definite struggle with stopping at just one sliver of chicken skin

I’ll be honest and start with how each time I make my way down to Bedok, I end up finding a hidden gem. This time I found myself at Shuang Bao Thai Street Food, a quaint joint selling popular Hat Yai fried chicken.

It’s also worth noting that for someone who’s been to Hat Yai, it’s strange how I’ve not come across any stalls selling Hat Yai-style food dishes in Singapore. Or they could very well be hidden like my accidental find today.

Store front

Located within the same vicinity as Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, the five-month-old stall is not peddled from an actual pushcart as those in Thailand; visually, they’ve made their little stall to resemble it from afar. Aesthetics aside, what they have to offer here is akin to what you can find on the streets of Thailand.

What I tried 

Thai lemak chicken rice

If you love nasi lemak you should start off with a plate of Shuang Bao’s Thai Lemak Rice (S$4.80). The plate will come with nasi lemak rice, two fried chicken, sambal, two slices of cucumber, and fried ikan bilis with peanuts. Upon receiving my plate, I was greeted with the aromatic smell of fresh pandan leaves paired with coconut milk. 

Close up of a spoonful of rice

Taste-wise, the rice lacked depth in terms of flavour but the sambal tasted eerily similar to the kind that’s usually served with chwee kueh, and it was enough to make me go back for more. Like nasi lemak, a few spoonfuls of the rice is enough to fill your belly up. 

Close up of fried chicken

Lastly, what’s a review of the dish without an honourable mention of the fried chicken? Needless to say, the stall lived up to my expectations as the fried chicken—although a bit salty—was very crunchy, tender, and incredibly juicy.

I suppose it’s the secret marination that added to its saltiness but when I paired it with a drop of sambal and spoonful of rice, the saltiness surprisingly dissipated. I also realised, and was thankful, that the chicken wasn’t doused in oil as well.

Fried chicken skin

Next up, I had the Fried Chicken Skin (S$3.90 for 100g). This is one dish I’ll recommend to have with everything; not only were the chicken skins flavoured with heaps of Thai spices, but it was also absolutely mouth-watering. Let’s not forget the out-of-this-world crunch it emits with every bite which was incredibly ASMR-worthy. This is something I’d recommend to wash your sins away (hehe).

Close up of fried chicken skin dipped in Thai sweet chilli sauce

Close up fried chicken skin

The container of Fried Chicken Skin also comes with a side of homemade Thai sweet chilli sauce. The sauce over here has a sweet, tangy, and spicy mix to it but dipping in the chicken skin somehow gives the whole dish a right balance. It’s also worth mentioning that you will definitely struggle with stopping at just one sliver of chicken skin as it’s extremely addictive. 

Close up of fried pork belly

Lastly, I had the Fried Pork Belly (S$4.50 for 100g)—served with another one of their homemade dip, nam jim jaew. The golden-brown delight would’ve been nice if it was fried for a longer time because it lacked the ASMR crunch effect that’s evident with the Fried Chicken Skin.

The sauce, however, is a medley of sour, smoky, and spicy, and tasted a lot like a tamarind-infused soy sauce; a brilliant dip to balance out the natural saltiness from the pork. Overall, it wasn’t oily which is a huge bonus, but I would give it a miss due to its lack of crunchiness. 

Final thoughts 

Crispy chicken bits

I love Thai street food, and Shuang Bao Thai Street Food delivers with its amazing batch of crispy fried chicken. I also love their ‘grab and go’ concept which makes it easier for people to have a brisk meal. Alternatively, if you prefer to dine in, you may also do so at the coffeeshop next door.

The stall is currently helmed by only three members of staff so anticipate some waiting as the crowds will come pouring in throughout the day. It’s evident that food brings a community together, and here, it’s heartwarming to see folks coming together over honest crispy fried chicken. 

Expected damage: S$4 – S$10 per pax 

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Shuang Bao Thai Street Food

204 Bedok North Street 1, #01-393, Singapore 460205

Our Rating 4/5

Shuang Bao Thai Street Food

204 Bedok North Street 1, #01-393, Singapore 460205

Telephone: +65 8282 4595
Operating Hours: 11am - 8pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8282 4595

Operating Hours: 11am - 8pm (Daily)