10 Eateries Open 24 Hours in Singapore For The Forever Hungry

If you find yourself constantly having the unfortunate experience of hearing your stomach grumble for the umpteenth time at 3am in the morning, trust me, I understand your pain; I am a fellow sufferer of the ‘Perpetually Hungry’ syndrome. And let’s face it, placating your grumpy stomach with instant noodles for consecutive nights gets old pretty fast – not to mention, it can get incredibly lonely too.

So, here’s a list out there for all the yao guis (hungry ghosts) like me: 12 kind-hearted eateries which have decided to provide food and sustenance for the population 24/7. What are you waiting for? Text all your friends for an impromptu supper session now!

1) RK Eating House

24 hour eateries singapore RK eating house
Photo: Jac.S

Yes, this is the RK Eating House which was featured in a video – which went viral a few years back – of a Chinese dude asking for pork in a Muslim-Indian eatery. Obviously, you won’t be able to eat pork for your supper if you head over to the eatery with your friends but you can look forward to local Muslim delights like Nasi Goreng, prata and Roti-John.

RK Eating House: 1 Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557253 | Tel: 6289 5379 | Facebook

2) Al Ameen


24 hour eateries singapore Al-Ameen-2

Located along the bustling stretch of Cheong Chin Nam road, Al Ameen is the epitome of a typical supper place which opens 24 hours- prata, roti john and sinful desserts are just a few of the food which you can expect to wolf down late at night when you find yourself seated in the restaurant.

Despite rumours of its standards having dropped significantly over the past few years, Al Ameen is still worth a try when the rest of the eateries located along the Bukit Timah stretch fail to appeal to your taste buds.

Al Ameen: 2 – 4 Cheong Chin Nam Road, Singapore 599729 | Tel: 6464 8052

3) Yong He Eating House

24 hour eateries singapore yong-he-eating-house
Photo: sgfoodreview.com


Another gem tucked away in the midst of Geylang (and open 24 hours to boot), Yong He Eating House serves up local favourites – tau huay, you tiao and slurping good soya bean milk. If you find yourself loitering around the Geylang area looking for a light and slightly less sinful supper, do give their tau huay a go. If you don’t mind something a little heavier though, please ask for the mee sua. Maybe it’ll remind you of authentic Taiwanese foodfare.

Yong He Eating House: 517 Geylang Road, Singapore 389473 | Tel: 67455682 | Facebook

4) Na Na Thai


Not to be confused with the outlet located in Far East Plaza, this 24 hour Nana Original Thai Food is situated in Golden Mile. Now, who said suppers had to be all about greasy pratas and heart-stopping renditions of Milo Dinosaurs? If you prefer to chomp down on some comforting Thai cuisine at the break of dawn with your best buddies, Nana Original Thai Food is the place to be at.

Since you’re probably not going to bed anytime soon after your supper, why don’t you give their Basil Chicken ($10) a go? I’ve heard that it will burn two ways – one in the mouth and the other, well: let’s just say it happens in the toilet.

Nana Original Thai Food: 5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex #01-51/52 | Tel: 6297 8498 (reservations recommended)

5) Fei Fei Wanton Mee (Joo Chiat)

24 hours open eatery singapore Fei fei
Photo: foodiefc.blogspot.sg

Famous for their ‘QQ’ egg noodles which used to be lovingly hand-made, Fei Fei Wanton Mee is a popular eatery which foodies flock to for that late-night wanton mee fix. Even though its wanton mee are not exactly the best, the fact that it stays open 24/7 more than makes up for the fact.

Furthermore, their portions are also quite small; this ensures that you do not overeat. Hey, stop avoiding it: suppers aren’t exactly the healthiest eating habits you could have. But you can always kick the habit… tomorrow, right?

Fei Fei Wanton Mee: 72 Joo Chiat Place s427789 (Joo Chiat) | Tel: 6440 5013

6) 333 Bak Kut Teh

333 Bak-Kut-Teh 24 hours open eatery singapore

Ah, there’s nothing like a bowl of piping hot bak kut teh (pork ribs soup) late at night. Even though 333 Bak Kut Teh’s dishes have been described by some as overpriced, I’d still like to think of it as the price you have to pay for your random cravings in the middle of the night for some bak kut teh.

Throw caution to the wind and load up on carbs at 4am in the morning – pair your peppery, hot and delicious bowl of bak kut teh goodness with a full serving of rice. Satisfaction guaranteed.

333 Bak Kut Teh: 333 Balestier Road., Singapore 329765 | Tel:  9089 6622

7) Changi Airport

24 hr food gallery changi airport
Photo: i-design.com.sg

At one of the world’s busiest airports, you’d be sure to find a cluster of 24 hours dining options at Singapore’s very own, prestigious Changi Airport.

If you live in the East and wouldn’t mind travelling a little for supper, there are many eateries in the various terminals of the airport: Kopitiam at T3 (B2), 24 Hr Food Gallery at T1 (level 1), Paul at T3 (level 1) and Swensen’s at T2 (level 1) – you’ll be spoilt for choice.

You can even hang around the airport after your supper to watch planes taking off from the runway: romantic date idea, eh?

Changi Airport: Airport Blvd | Tel: 6595 6868 | Website

8) Seng Huat Bak Chor Mee

seng-huat-bak-chor-mee 24 hours open eatery singapore
Photo: iisjong.com

Having already served uncountable bowls of its delicious bak chor mee over 3 generations, I think its long-standing history is more than enough to assure you of the quality of food you’ll be enjoying for your supper.

Unlike many eateries whose standards would inevitably drop after a long time, frequenters of Seng Huat Bak Chor Mee would be more than happy to share with you that the bowls of minced meat noodles are still as good as ever. If you don’t quite fancy bak chor mee, you could always opt for their fish-ball noodles.

Seng Huat Bak Chor Mee: 492 North Bridge Road (Opposite Bugis Jn) Singapore 188737 , Singapore

9) Al-Azhar

Al-Azhar 24 hours open eatery singapore

But of course, how could I ever leave out my favorite late-night haunt? Even if you catch yourself walking past Al-Azhar at untimely hours in the morning, you’ll never chance upon it empty.

Always bustling with activity, this eatery comes to life particularly at night. You’ll find your favorite pratas, Roti-John, satays and Indian-Muslim friendly desserts here. My personal favorite? Their super satays ($1.20 each) are simply the bomb.

Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant: 11 Cheong Chin Nam Rd, Singapore 599736 | Tel:6466 5052 | Website

10) Wong Chiew Eating House

Wong-Chiew 24 hours open eatery singapore

If you’ve been looking for a tze char stall which opens for 24 hours, then you can stop now. Other than hearty, good old tze char offerings, Wong Chiew Eating House also serves up delectable dim sum, crab beehoon and even frog legs porridge! Yum, you’ll probably never go to bed hungry again.

Wong Chiew Eating House: 19 Sembawang Road, Singapore 779075 | Tel: 64566838 | Website

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