Sora Boru: Wallet-Friendly Customisable Chirashi Dons + Cheesy Snow Beef Dons From S$4.90 At 313@Somerset

When I was told that I’d be able to completely customise my chirashi don at Sora Boru, I was completely mind blown and super excited to try it. The customisable choices ranged from picking the types of sashimi I’d like to have to whether I’d want it with sushi rice or mixed greens.

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Not to mention, this new Japanese casual restaurant located at the basement of 313@Somerset serves up one of the best bowls of cheesy snow beef dons and fiery volcanic beef dons I’ve ever had.

The dons start from as low as S$4.90 too — what a steal!

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Opened in March 2019, Sora Boru’s dining area is spacious, colourful and clean. I absolutely love the island in the centre of the restaurant, which caters to single pax diners and large groups.

Not to mention, the gleaming white-tiled island is great for taking pictures for the ‘gram too!

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It’s a self-service eatery, which means that you order your food via a touch screen machine. Collect the food once your order number flashes on the digital screen, and help yourself to condiments and utensils located near the self-order station.

If you prefer to order your food over the counter, that option is also available.

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No doubt the star of Sora Boru’s menu, the Snow Beef Don (S$11.90/S$7.50) came with a base of sticky Japanese rice and vegetables.

You can pick between mixed vegetables or beansprouts, but for this cheesy dish, we suggest pairing the creamy beef with mixed vegetables, which are crunchy and sweet.

Piled on top of the base of rice and vegetables were tender flame-grilled beef slices, and the entire mountain was drenched with grated parmesan and a sweet-savoury sauce made of whipping cream.

Sora Boru 9275

One of my personal favourites, this dish was absolutely delicious and a complete showstopper.

The sweet grated parmesan melted in my mouth and coated the succulent beef slices, which were smoky and savoury from being blow-torched. Not to mention, the special whipping cream sauce was indulgent and creamy, and was packed with umami flavours.

You might think that the creaminess would get jelak after a couple of spoonfuls, but the mixed vegetables added some refreshing and well-needed crunchiness to the dish, which I appreciated.

Sora Boru 9210

For children or those with a smaller appetite, you’ll be happy to know that most of Sora Boru’s mains come in two sizes: Regular and Mini.

The portions of the mini versions are half of its regular counterpart and come at a fraction of the price too. For example, Sora Boru’s Snow Beef Don‘s regular version costs S$11.90, but its tiny version costs S$7.90.

The mini sizes are also great for individuals who’d like to order or share a variety of different dishes, so they don’t fill their tummies up on one dish alone.

Sora Boru 9198

Sora Boru’s fiery counterpart of the cheesy Snow Beef Don was the Volcano Beef Don (S$11.90/regular, S$7.50/small).

Sitting on a bed of pearl rice and beansprouts, the pile of blow-torched beef slices was doused in rivulets of spicy “lava”. The volcano-like heap of beef was finished off with a sprinkling of freshly chopped spring onions and sesame seeds.

Sora Boru 9282

Tangy, sweet and mildly spicy, Sora Boru’s Volcano Beef Don was lip-smackingly good and its red sauce reminded me of gochujang, the kind with Korean spicy fried chicken.

Our tip on how to best enjoy this bowl of fiery beef? Mix it thoroughly so you get a good amount of sweet rice, crunchy beansprouts and spicy beef with each spoonful. If not, you’d risk finishing your rice or beef first!

Sora Boru 9159

Being able to completely customise my chirashi dons was something I really enjoyed. Just like regular salad bars, you get to pick between three sizes: Mini (S$6.50), Regular (S$11.90) and Large (S$16.90). Different sizes allow you to pick different amounts of fish and add-ons.

I decided to try its Regular (S$11.90) and chose mixed greens for my base. I could pick two fish toppings, so I went with tuna and scallop.

As for add-ons, I picked sweet corn and tobiko, and selected shoyu for my sauce. Last but not least, I chose tempura crumbs as my garnish.

Sora Boru 9237

What I really loved was how generous Sora Boru was with the sashimi and toppings.

I was delighted to see large chunks of fresh tuna, a handful of delicate scallops, and a mountain of fresh vegetables, tobiko and sweet corn.

The shoyu sauce was also one of my favourites — it was salty and sweet, almost resembling an apple vinaigrette, and it was appetising and yummy.

Sora Boru 9156

I also decided to get another Regular Chirashi Don (S$11.90), but with white pearl rice as my base.

I picked salmon and swordfish for my fish toppings, edamame and sliced tamagoyaki for my add-ons, spicy sauce, and roasted sesame seeds for my garnish.

Sora Boru 9264

To my delight, the salmon sashimi cubes were naturally sweet and fresh. I loved the little bursts of soy-like nuttiness from the edamame, as well as how soft, springy and delicate the sliced tamagoyaki was.

Sora Boru 9217

For those looking for a refreshing meal with a crunchy side, go for Sora Boru’s Soba with Ebi Vegetable Tempura (S$12.90/S$7.50), which is served either hot or cold.

Sora Boru 9247

Dipping the chilled cha soba noodles into the savoury soy-based dip was simple and comforting, with every slurp having a good balance of nutty, earthy and salty flavours.

Notably, the cheapest main dish on Sora Boru’s menu is its Cha Soba – Mini (S$3.90).

Sora Boru 9228

Sora Boru’s Breaded Salmon with Shabu Beef CurryBoru (S$11.90) came with a sea of homemade and comforting Japanese curry, slices of tender shabu beef, a neat pile of white rice and breaded salmon.

The curry rice comes with three varying spice levels: Level 0, 1 and 2. We decided to go with Level 1 and was delighted to see a smudge of spicy-looking chilli padi amongst the pool of brown curry.

Sora Boru 9240

The curry was sweet, with an umami finish, and had just the right consistency. It wasn’t too thick nor thin, but was gravy-like in texture and coated the pearl rice well. It was also a little grainy, like how soft potatoes disintegrate after being cooked for too long.

The spice wasn’t overpowering. Instead, it lingered on my tongue for a long time, making every bite addictive and piquant.

I can’t decide what I liked the most from Sora Boru: the wallet-friendly prices, the delicious mountain-like Snow Beef Don and its homemade curry gravy. Or perhaps the fact that I can customise my chirashi dons, or that it’s right smack in the middle of central Singapore.

Being able to order in mini portions appealed to me as well. That way, I get to order different tiny bowls and have a taste of everything. I can definitely see myself coming back to Sora Boru the next time I’m craving something indulgent and comforting.

That’s not all — Sora Boru’s launching two promotions! On weekdays, enjoy a 10%/20%/30% discount off your total bill when dining between 2pm – 3pm/3pm – 4pm/4pm – 5pm respectively. On weekends, get a plate of Salmon Sashimi (3pc) for only S$0.90 with a purchase of any Regular/Large Boru or Noodles.

Expected Damage: S$4.90 – S$16.90

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Sora Boru.

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Sora Boru

313 Orchard Road, #B3-19/20, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895

Our Rating 4/5

Sora Boru

313 Orchard Road, #B3-19/20, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Mon - Fri), 11am - 11pm (Sat & Sun)

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Mon - Fri), 11am - 11pm (Sat & Sun)
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