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“The Perfect Rooftop Venue”


The spectacularly beautiful view atop Southbridge’s rooftop bar captured the heart of the inner romantic self straightaway. Coupled with a relaxed atmosphere to boot, Southbridge seems like a perfect location to dine-in, where one can set inhibitions aside over rounds of food and drinks.


With Singapore’s picturesque skyline set before our very eyes, it literally felt like the world was our oyster, setting the stage for a delicious meal of Southbridge’s signature oyster dishes and cocktails.

Seth: I liked that it wasn’t too high up where everything is just a speck, but at this level you can still see the details of the buildings and landmarks.



Hosting a pretty relaxed and spacious dining space, Southbridge sets the bar for chic rooftop dining island wide, with its top notch menu and a wide variety of drinks. You could choose to seat anywhere along the numerous seats peppered along the bar, allowing for up to 100 pax at a time.

Southbridge aims to serve a ‘fun-dining’ experience, complete with modern craft cocktails and small plates.


For cocktails to start, we had The Elgin’s ($18), a rum based Abelha Silver cachaça, lime, pineapple mixed with cinnamon salted caramel. It was fruity and light, carrying distinct notes of citrus zest with it which blends great with the underlying sweetness of cachaça.


Also, the Buffalo Twist ($19), a whisky-centred cocktail with buffalo trace bourbon, amalfi lemon, topped with meringue and peppermint.


southbridge cold oysters singapore

Then came the main star of the show, Southbridge’s signature oysters with their original and innovative sauces. Served in half a dozen, we tried their mixed platter ($20 during happy hour), consisting of all the hot flavours they have to offer.

Umami (left), with ponzu and yuzu sauce, managed to take away the fishy aftertaste slightly, leaving you feeling refreshed with the sweet and sour sauce.

Tropical (centre), with chilli, garlic and calamansi sauce. It was on the spicy side for me, tasting more of the powerful chilli kick that masks the initial raw taste of the oysters.

The Habana (right), with mint, cucumber and vermouth spice was bordering on the lighter side, with crunchy cucumber bits to leave a cooler clean aftertaste.

southbridge hot oysters singapore

I preferred their hot oysters ($30) much more, topped with luxurious savoury sauces to entrap your craving stomach.

Again, we tried all 3 of the hot oysters Southbridge had to offer. The pearls, topped with avruga caviar, was a decent mix of smooth, creamy textures.

Smoky Casino (middle) was ingeniously topped with bacon bits and cheese, making for a savoury delight. I mean, what can go wrong with bacon and cheese?


Lastly, the Unifeller was definitely my favourite here, with cheese mixed with uni sabayon, literally a flavourful, thick, luxurious melt-in-your-mouth goodness that compliments the soft creamy texture of oysters.

southbridge wagyu beef sliders

As sides, we also had the Wagyu Beef Sliders ($18). Coming off a tad on the dry side though, it was partially saved by the condiments in the burger, the tomato based salsa sauce and sautéed onions on top. Still made for a good snack that is easy to share amongst friends.

southbridge lobster knuckle roll singapore

A much better option, the Lobster Knuckle Rolls ($28) was really quite exquisite, and I was able to to taste the chunks of lobster peppered into the mix, along with avocados and an assortment of vegetables, making for a creamier, denser mix.

Complete with the squid ink flavoured buns, it adds a different dimension to the dish, with its subtly saltier oceanic bite, giving the lobster roll that extra advantage needed to taste superb.


Overall, even though Southbridge doesn’t serve a wide range of spectacular cuisine, focusing more on small bites and snacks, the picturesque view here already clinches half the deal.

I wouldn’t mind coming to Southbridge just to enjoy a couple of drinks over some oysters and sliders, with such an amazing skyline to admire. Even more so it if work in the neary offices. What more, Southbridge even opens till midnight to cater to the midnight oil burners. A definite recommend if you’re around the area, come and check out Singapore’s looming skyscrapers in awe for yourself.

Expected Damage: $30 – $45 per pax

Southbridge: Rooftop, Level 5 80 Boat Quay, Singapore 049868 | Tel: +65 6536 5818 | Website


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