Spuds Shack: 27-year-old hawker sells rosti in 9 quirky flavours like Mentaiko and Truffle

Of all the variations of potato dishes in existence, rosti has always been one of my favourites. The problem? I find it hard to come by this crispy Swiss dish in Singapore. Most rosti spots are often located within restaurants, and cost a pretty penny to purchase. Hence, I was excited to learn about Spuds Shack, an affordable coffeeshop stall specialising in rosti.

spuds shack 20 - storefront

Spuds Shack is located within FellasCube in Geylang, and is run by a 27-year-old hawker. It offers nine different variations of rosti, each served with a fried egg and sour cream on the side. The stall also has a variety of Western dishes like Nacho Fish & Chips (S$7.80), Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice (S$8.50) and Meltique Striploin Steak (S$16).

What I tried at Spuds Shack

spuds shack 12 - black truffle aioli rosti

As an avid truffle lover, I started off with the Black Truffle Aioli Rosti (S$7.80).

The rosti itself was crispy on the outside, yet tender and soft on the inside. Each strip of potato was finely chopped and well-cooked, and as a whole, the rosti wasn’t too oily. 

spuds shack 11

Though I could smell the truffle from the moment it was served to our table, I thought that the taste was on the lighter side and the strong mayonnaise flavour drowned out the truffle profile a bit too much. However, the rosti was still delicious, with the creamy aioli coating the crisp surface nicely.

spuds shack 10 - sour cream

The sour cream on the side was surprising, as it had a light, milky and sweet taste. My dining companion and I both initially thought that it was yoghurt! 

Compared to most other sour creams, Spuds Shack’s sour cream was definitely not as strong or sour in taste, but I actually enjoyed it more, given how the black truffle aioli already gave the rosti a rich and creamy taste. Hence, the lightness of the sour cream was refreshing and complementary to the other elements.

spuds shack 09

The fried egg was runny and perfectly cooked. The yolk burst upon being cut open, and made for a nice addition to the dish.

spuds shack 19 - mentaiko rosti

Next, I had the Torched Mentaiko Rosti (S$7.80), which was topped with mentaiko mayonnaise. 

I’m not someone who frequently eats mentaiko or mentaiko-flavoured things, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this dish.

spuds shack 16

Spuds Shack’s Torched Mentaiko Rosti was similarly crispy and well-cooked like its Black Truffle Aioli Rosti. The mentaiko mayonnaise on top was creamy with a slightly salty and umami taste. 

spuds shack 15 - mentaiko rosti

I enjoyed how the mentaiko did not taste overly seafood-y, and the generosity of the mayonnaise made the dish all the more worth the price.

spuds shack 08 - chicken and waffles

Finally, we ended off by having Spuds Shack’s Chicken & Waffles (S$8.50), a dish served with a fried chicken cutlet, two small waffles, a fried egg and black pepper sauce.

spuds shack 06

The chicken cutlet was very crispy, but I found it to be a bit overcooked and slightly dry. Perhaps if the chicken had been removed from the fryer a little sooner, it would have been juicer and more tender. Despite that, the flavours of the chicken cutlet were savoury and tasty.

spuds shack - chicken cutlet

The black pepper sauce had a strong peppery kick that was utterly satisfying. I do wish there was more sauce to be able to coat the entire chicken cutlet evenly, but my dining companion and I both enjoyed the black pepper sauce.

spuds shack 03

The waffles had a dense and cakey texture. The honey butter had soaked deeply into the waffles, making them incredibly sweet and flavourful. My dining companion felt that the density and sweetness of the waffles were a tad jelak, but personally, as someone with a relentless sweet tooth, I absolutely loved them.

With sweet, savoury and salty elements coming together, Spuds Shack’s Chicken & Waffles was an exciting and flavourful delight.

Final thoughts

spuds shack 18

With the relatively affordable prices and generous portions, my dining companion and I were stuffed by the time we finished our meal at Spuds Shack. The novelty of the rosti flavours and the enticing selection of dishes makes this a stall that I would most certainly travel back to try again.

Expected damage: S$5.50 – S$17.50 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Spuds Shack

440 Geylang Road, FellasCube, Singapore 389400

Our Rating 4/5

Spuds Shack

440 Geylang Road, FellasCube, Singapore 389400

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Mon to Wed, Fri & Sat), 10am - 6pm (Sun), Closed on Thu

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Mon to Wed, Fri & Sat), 10am - 6pm (Sun), Closed on Thu
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