Staple Food: Customisable Healthy Bowls & To-Die-For Coconut Latte In Potong Pasir

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Understanding the increasing popularity of healthier food options, Staple Food has heard your cry for help. Offering natural and organic eats in The Venue Residences & Shoppes at Potong Pasir, they’ve captured the hearts (and made tummies happy) with their creations.

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As a 22-year-old with a rather hectic lifestyle, coffee all but runs through my blood. I ordered a cup of Flat While ($5) (that was soon followed by another because, who can resist the allure of good coffee, no?).

A steaming cup of acidic goodness, this was the perfect pick-me-up for a coffee-addict like myself. It certainly started my day on all the right notes.

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Jumping onto the recent coconut craze, we tried the Coconut Cafe Latte ($6)With hints of gula melaka infused into this warm glass of coconutty coffee, it fit right into the local food scene.

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With toasted coconut shavings sprinkled atop, it definitely made us go cocoNUTS!

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The coffee certainly worked its magic and my stomach soon growled, demanding to be fed. I was pulled towards the Craft-Your-Own-Bowl: Clean ($10.80) because I didn’t want to waste the hour-long gym session I had the night before.

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And even if my gym sessions don’t always go according to plan, at least I’ll get an ‘A’ for effort for trying to eat clean though.

The clean option consists of one starch/vegetable base, four “toppings” and a dressing. I chose a combination of couscous, corn, broccoli, roasted mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes, steamed sweet potatoes and a poached egg (I added two additional toppings out of hunger, maybe greed, oops).

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Cutting into poached eggs always makes me excited and this was poached to perfection. A soft, runny yellow yolk oozed out over the other ingredients that gave everything a slight creaminess, yum.

In retrospect, I might have over-hyped myself because this Craft-Your-Own-Bowl was rather bland on taste, although the different toppings definitely provided varied textures. I should’ve indulged myself and ordered a protein, perhaps that would’ve added a salty element to the dish.

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It was after a few bland bites, did we realise we missed out the sauces. We tried all four sauces available to see how they fared with the toppings of our choice.

With three classics: Yoghurt (greek yoghurt, honey and a dash of lime), Roasted Sesame and Classic Italian (balsamic vinaigrette), and a unique dessert-suited Mango dressing, we were spoilt for choice.

But in the end, we came to a conclusion that when deciding on a dressing, it should come before choosing the toppings as some of them definitely did not blend well with the dressings. Like broccoli with mango sauce, whatt?

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Following that unique blend of flavours, we opted for a more familiar option — a Chicken Rendang Sandwich ($8.80). The sandwich was served atop a dash of chicken rendang sauce that made us hesitate.

Crisp, toasted bread sitting in a bed of sauce? It was a recipe for a soggy sandwich. And we were right. The bottom bread layer had soaked up a substantial amount of sauce, but the lack of sauce on the inside meant the overall texture of the sandwich was unchanged.

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The brioche bread added a buttery-ness to the sandwich, and sandwiched between was a generous portion of shredded chicken.

The crunchy vegetables, tender chicken, buttery bread, rich and slightly spicy chicken rendang sauce, it certainly pays tribute to the local favourite chicken rendang dish with a twist.

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Hankering for some protein, we tried the Grilled Snapper Fish ($17.80) with soba noodles, topped with a black pepper sauce.

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Having been tossed in an abundance of bell peppers, its taste was eminent with every mouthful. For those who have not learnt to appreciate the taste, this dish may not be the one for you.

But with my love for this bell peppers, I enjoyed the slight sweet-spicy taste that infused throughout my noodles and fish.

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The fish, however, failed to impress me. Slightly dry, harder-than-expected, and not at all flaky, I was rather disappointed.

Perhaps a tad more salt and less time on the grill would have made for a fish dish Staple Food can mark as a signature.

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Stuffed from the extensive amount of food we’d ordered, I craved something light and refreshing to end my meal. With the long day I had ahead of me, I opted for another cup of coffee, only this time, iced.

The Iced Lavender Cafe Latte ($5.50) seemed an apt choice, offering a floral infusion of lavender in coffee. The first sipped definitely woke my taste buds. Perhaps it was due to the rather bland (or healthy) food I had earlier that this glass of iced coffee seemed excessively sweet.

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We tried adding an espresso shot, and that gave us the perfect ending to our meal. You can try asking for an additional shot of espresso, or simply for the drink to be made less sweet.

For the health-food addict, Staple Food is not to be missed as their natural and organic options certainly make the cut. However, if you’re only just jumping onto the “healthy living” bandwagon, the food may not be entirely suited to your taste.

While the food was rather underwhelming, their coffee certainly hit all the right notes and I’ll definitely head over for a pick-me-up if I’m ever in the area. But then again, taste preferences do differ from one person to the next. So if you’re looking for an extra-healthy meal, pop in to try their food for yourself instead!

Expected Damage: $8.80 – $18.80 per pax

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Staple Food

2 Tai Thong Crescent, #01-27, Singapore 347836


Staple Food

2 Tai Thong Crescent, #01-27, Singapore 347836

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
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