Superfudo: Get Your Healthy & Guilt-Free “Cai Fan” Fix At Holland Village

You know the one thing that almost all Singaporeans love? Cai fan (economy rice).

As a kid, I always got cheap thrills when my parents let me stand before the glass display, picking out my favourite dishes. At cai fan stalls, it’s all about the huge variety and the possibility of creating your very own meal, just the way you like it. 

Superfudo 11

But hey, as good as that sounds, cai fan isn’t for everybody. From all the grease to the seasoning that gets a tad too heavy, and the occasional dish that has gone stale after being left out in the open for too long… we know. Which is why we were super excited to find Superfudo, where soul food meets good, natural food. 

Superfudo 13

Superfudo 12

Located at Lorong Liput, Superfudo is all about getting you your favourite cai fan fix in a healthier and cleaner version, without cutting back on the taste, of course. You get to customise your very own meal, but this time with quality ingredients and optimum cooking methods to bring out the natural flavours of your food.

We got our hands on two different meals to see if they’re any good.

Superfudo 01

Sweet Potato, Chicken, Cauliflower, Tuscan Kale, Sous Vide Egg and Meat Floss ($13)

Can I just say, the portion is huge! Definitely a bang for the buck right there.

Superfudo 05

The chicken is prepared the regular “chicken rice-style” and was absolutely tender and flavourful. We weren’t expecting it to taste this good from the looks of it, to be honest.

The well-seasoned cauliflower paired together with the leafy kale added a slight crunch to the meal. Topped with pork floss and sweet potatoes for that burst of sweet natural goodness, this combination was a winner in our books. 

Superfudo 07

The restaurant also serves semi-hard boiled eggs with runny yolks. These were similar to harajuku eggs but without the seasoning. The runny yolk added just the right amount of “sauce” to tie everything together, and we were super happy that all these ingredients chosen quite randomly ended up creating a stellar meal. 

Superfudo 02

You might want to get the Bottled Coconut ($4) on the side to go together with your meal. This cold-pressed beverage will leave you refreshed and energised to push on with your day. After all, coconut juice is known as nature’s isotonic drink.

Superfudo 19

You’ll even get the option to add chia seeds to your drink, another testament to the level of customisation that Superfudo offers. 

Superfudo 04

Multigrain Rice, Beef, Snow Peas, Kimchi, Sous Vide Egg and Crispy Shallots ($13)

Just look at the enticing colours of this meal! We were quite proud of ourselves for putting together such an appealing combo. 

Superfudo 09

The New Zealand grass-fed beef is prepared using the sous vide method to retain the best flavours, delivered to you with minimal seasoning and no oil at all. Meats are heated below 65 degrees Celsius to prevent the break down of nutrient content by high heat cooking.

It is no wonder that we could taste the fresh subtle sweetness of the meat in every bite we took. That’s what we call dedication to the preparation of food.

You’ll find the lightly-seasoned multigrain easy on the palate. And when paired with the fried shallots and kimchi, you’ll definitely be reminded of your regular cai fan with a more intense flavour.

Superfudo 15

As some locals love to say, “a meal is never complete without chilli”.

Superfudo 16

At Superfudo, there’s a whole chilli bar with different chilli sauces and spicy condiments from all over the world. You better be ready to spice up your meal!

Superfudo 17

If you’re not looking for a full meal but just fancy a quick bite instead, Superfudo has got you covered. 

We couldn’t help but rave about the Meaty Oxtail Soup ($5). This is a must-have when you’re here, so even if you’re getting a main, I’d recommend leaving room for this in your belly somehow. 

Superfudo 20

The stew comes loaded with shredded meat chunks, carrots and potatoes. Savour the aromatic beef with a nice mix of herbs — we’ll be back for this. 

Superfudo 22

Looking for a quick dessert on-the-go? Get the Matcha Bingsu ($5). Come on, bingsu at five bucks is quite the steal.

Superfudo 21

Rest assured, you’ll not be disappointed by this dessert option. Premium matcha powder is infused into the shaved ice, so you’ll be able to taste the aromatic matcha in every bite/sip.

Superfudo 23

The red bean paste that is layered within the dessert added a welcome touch of sweetness. This would really hit the spot on any hot and sunny day. 

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this healthier, modern rendition of our beloved cai fan. Superfudo has so much to offer and it certainly won’t hurt to indulge in a meal that won’t leave you feeling guilty afterwards.

Expected Damage: $13 – $20 per pax

Superfudo: 15 Lorong Liput, Singapore 277730 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 10am to 10pm | Facebook