Supreme Oreos Are The Most Expensive Cookies Worth Up To US$15,000/Packet On EBay

It’s time for Spring/Summer 2020 and as the weather warms, Oreo is also turning up the heat by going Supreme. 

Supreme’s release of their upcoming Spring/Summer 2020 lookbook and accessories meant that it was once again time to partake in the bi-annual tradition of ogling at random items being slapped with the streetwear label’s red-and-white logo.

Supreme Oreo Online 1
Credit – Supreme

Thankfully this time around, our fellow hype beasts were not thrown a random brick but were treated to something sweet and at the very least edible: Supreme Oreo. 

Donning Supreme’s classic red look, the double-stuffed Oreo cookies come with a baked logo, which at first glance, looks totally similar to Oreo’s existing limited-edition Red Velvet flavour cookies. 

Supreme Oreo Online 5
Credit – eBay

Despite being branded Supreme, cookies can’t be that expensive, can they? Like me, if you are planning to grab a hold of these Oreo’s—thinking that this might be your only chance to flex a Supreme item on Instagram—we are wrong my friends.

Supreme Oreo Online 4
Credit – eBay

Retailing at US$8 per packet, which consists of only three Oreo cookies, prices have gone up to a ridiculous bid of up to US$15,000 on eBay. This, however, isn’t keeping away Supreme enthusiasts since the item can only be bought in Supreme stores now (imagine the queue!) and online on 29 February 2020. 

Supreme Oreo Online 2
Credit – Supreme

Alongside the Oreo cookies, hype beasts will be able to double their swag by stowing their precious Supreme Oreos in a Supreme Ziploc, carrying it like a handbag strolling down Orchard Road. These branded Ziploc bags come in a box of 30 pieces with a stamped logo, which is bound to attract everyone’s attention.

Supreme Oreo Online 3
Credit – Supreme

To triple the fun, why not serve your cookies in a Supreme Waves Ceramic Bowl during your next gathering? Coloured in green and blue waves, with a red Koi fish emblazoned across, this oriental-looking bowl (plus the Supreme Oreos sitting inside) will definitely be the talk amongst your friends and family!

Kudos to Supreme for their creativity and the courage to make even the simplest (and sometimes, the most useless) item a “thing” in the fashion world. 

With that being said, for those of you who are into limited-edition cookies, do yourself a favour and try looking harder at your nearest supermarket or convenience stores. You will probably find the Red Velvet flavour cookies, which might be of the exact taste as the Supreme Oreo‘s, for a fraction of the price!

Dates & Times: Supreme Spring/Summer 2020 items are on sale now at Supreme Stores in New York. Available online on 29 February 2020

Price: Supreme Oreo (US$8 for a packet of three Supreme Oreo cookies), Supreme Ziploc and Supreme Waves Ceramic Bowl (TBC)

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