SweeT.Rex: S$1.50 Souffle Pancakes & Other Affordable Desserts At Mei Ling Food Centre

Where can you find affordable souffle pancakes that cost less than $5? If you’re on a budget but still itching for a sweet treat, SweeT.Rex in Mei Ling Food Centre will hit the spot.

Sweet.rex 1

This stall stood out from the rest in the food centre, because it had an interesting storefront that you wouldn’t expect to find in a typical food centre. Who would’ve thought to have a pushcart as the counter?

Apart from souffle pancakes, SweeT.Rex also sells other desserts such as puddings, cheesecakes, and chocolate tiffins.

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According to the stall owner, all the desserts are house-made. The entire time I was there, she was busy making puddings. From preparing the pudding mix, to pouring the delicious mix into cups, each cup was carefully and meticulously prepared.

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There were a total of five flavours you can choose from Chocolate, Matcha, Thai Tea, Kopi, and Ginger. However, Kopi and Ginger were sold out when we arrived. so we settled for the other three.

We were surprised by how different the pudding consistency was compared to other puddings. At SweeT.Rex, the puddings had a very thick and dense consistency. They also tend to melt over time, so remember to consume it quickly or store it in a refrigerator if you’re planning to bring it home.

Sweet.rex 17

I didn’t find anything special about the Chocolate ($2), because it tasted just like chocolate milk, except in a solid form.

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The Matcha ($2) tasted more like green tea, rather than matcha. If you like Pokka Green Tea, you’ll love this pudding.

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Luckily, the Thai Tea ($2) pudding was the saving grace, because it actually tasted very similar to the milk teas you would find in Thailand.

While the puddings weren’t spectacular, a little improvement to the house-made mixture and I am very sure the puddings will taste even better.

Sweet.rex 8

The lady boss actually kept the last piece of the Lemon Cheese Cake ($3.80) for us. There was supposed to be a Chocolate Cheese Cake ($3.80) but according to her, someone bought the entire cake even before she got a chance to cut it!

The base of the Lemon Cheese Cake is a mixture of crushed Oreo and waffle biscuits. A cherry slice peeked out from the bottom layer, adding a little colour to the cake.

Sweet.rex 13

The cheesecake was really soft and creamy, with a faint hint of lemon that gave it a slight sourness. While the biscuit base was crumbly, it adhered well to the Lemon Cheese Cake when we tried to pick it up.

What I liked was that it wasn’t too thick and dense. The cheese aroma also wasn’t too strong, and I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t stop myself from eating it despite my full stomach.

Sweet.rex 20

Remember when I said everything is house-made? This includes even the souffle’s batter. The lady boss started preparing the pancake only when we ordered it, so it was freshly baked.

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It was a joy watching her prepare the souffle. From whisking the egg whites, to folding the batter, it’s almost mind-boggling to see how much work went into making a $3 souffle pancake.

Sweet.rex 22

Once the batter is perfected, it’s transferred onto a hot pan, and that’s when you can smell the fragrance of the pancake in the air.

Sweet.rex 23

Each fragrant and fluffy pancake was a work of art. I tried talking to the lady boss while she was preparing the pancake, but she told me she needed to concentrate while she did her magic. Oops!

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Drizzled with caramel and strawberry sauce, the Souffle Pancake ($3 for 2 pancakes) looked so glorious, I almost didn’t dare to ruin it. At $1.50 each, I wasn’t expecting much, but once I bit into it, I was definitely impressed.

Sweet.rex 26

Breaking open the souffle revealed a soft and fluffy centre. With every bite I took, it’s as though I was biting through clouds. Biting into it only further convinced me that my trip there was really worth it. The caramel sauce worked really well with the buttery flavour of the souffle.

The strawberry didn’t sit well with me, as I felt it overpowered the flavour of the souffle pancake. My advice? Stick to the caramel sauce to fully enjoy this dish.

Stalls like SweeT.Rex is changing the perception of hawker centres, with fancy food that’s still affordable. Gone are the days when you could only find French dishes in restaurants. Now, you can find these dishes at hawker centres at more affordable prices.

The opening hours on weekdays are erratic as they open the store based on the owner’s availability. The only days with fixed opening hours are the weekends. If you want to get a taste of fluffy souffle pancakes but don’t want to splurge, SweeT.Rex is your best bet.

Expected Damage: $1.50 – $4 per pax

SweeT.Rex: 159 Mei Chin Road, #02-47, Mei Ling Food Centre, Singapore 140159 | Opening Hours: 11am – 3pm (Wed – Fri, subject to changes), 10am – 9pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Mon & Tue | Facebook