SweetFish: Affordable Poke Bowls At Only S$9 At Capitol Piazza In Singapore


Riding on the waves of the increasingly popular Hawaiian bowls, SweetFish is the new kid on the block that prides itself in making poke bowls that are affordable and available to the masses — the Hungry portion is priced at only $9, and the Starving portion will set you back by $14; relatively cheaper than other poke bowls that are currently in Singapore.

Located at the basement of Capitol Piazza, the hole-in-the-wall store is decked out in striking pink and white and is hard to miss, especially when you’re exiting from City Hall MRT Station.


Unlike other poke places, the menu is pre-set with only five flavours. What you’ll get to choose is the bases to have it with — Japanese Rice, Red Brown Rice Mix (+$1), or chopped Romaine (+$1).


The chunky sashimi cubes are marinated upon order and garnished on the spot to retain the fish’s natural sweetness; a few good mixes and it’s poured over your choice of base.


Roasted Sesame, Salmon (Hungry, $9)

The rice is topped with a bed of shredded cabbage for added crunch and texture to the dish, then garnished with spring onions, chopped walnuts and a scoop of tobiko.

A generous portion of salmon sashimi was given and every piece was well-covered in the marinade, which had a robust flavour of roasted sesame and a slight hint of spiciness. Surprisingly, it didn’t get dull towards the end even after almost wolfing down the entire bowl, which was a sure sign that the ingredients used are fresh.


Sweet Yuzu Cream, Salmon (Hungry, $9)

Prepared in the same way as the roasted sesame, the tangy yuzu sauce cut through the richness of the mayo, and the fried crispy garlic gave the dish a fragrant note. It was lighter and sweeter on the palate, a flavour that I foresee being a hit with the OLs.

I foolishly thought that the rice was under-cooked but soon realised that the grainy texture came from the garlic, so don’t be mistaken if you bite into chewy, hard bits.


Hawaiian Original, Tuna (Starving, $14)

The vibrant colours of the ingredients were already making us salivate. We opted for the Starving portion, which had about twice the amount of sashimi as compared to the Hungry portion.

Chock-full of fresh tuna sashimi, edamame, onions, spring onions and chuka to top it off, we dived straight into the bowl, taking a huge spoonful of rice and tuna chunks.


The marinade is made of a concoction of sauces, but mainly shoyu to give it an umami taste, which we thought was a tad too salty for our taste buds.

However, we loved how the ingredients complemented each other, and enjoyed the brinier contrast from the chuka.


Wasabi Mayo + Chopped Romaine (Hungry, $9)

The chopped Romaine provides an alternative for those who are cutting down on carbs, but still made for a hearty meal, nonetheless.

Bits of mango created pockets of sweetness, and an overall refreshing taste. However, it would have been better if more wasabi was added into the sauce to give it the necessary spicy kick.


Priced competitively, we would definitely return for another poke bowl when we’re in town. And, with its strategic location, there’s really no excuse for giving SweetFish a miss when you’re in the vicinity.

As the business is still in its early stages, the owner of SweetFish has shared with us that he hopes to expand his menu with more flavours, so that there’s something for everyone. But for now, the five choices are adequate and have been carefully prepared to ensure that the flavours remain consistent. We’re excited to see the menu grow along with the feedback provided.

Expected damage: $9 – $14

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SweetFish: 13 Stamford Road, #B2-30 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905 | Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Daily) | Website | Facebook