TamJai SamGor Mixian, Chinatown: “If Hong Kong isn’t in the cards, TamJai SamGor would definitely do.”

When the news of the famous Hong Kong chain, TamJai SamGor Mixian, was going to make their debut on our sunny shores, we were beside ourselves. After all, this was Michelin-approved rice noodles, so the foodie in me had to see what the fuss was all about.

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TamJai SamGor already has three outlets across Singapore. The first one is in Bedok Mall, while the second is in the bustling Vivo City. Already spoiled for choice, we decided to head down to their newest outlet at Chinatown Point for a taste of these noodles that have taken Hong Kong, and the world by storm.

What I tried

Seeing as it was overcast and slightly chilly, I couldn’t think of a better day to tuck into piping hot bowls of noodles. At TamJai SamGor, each bowl is highly customisable, and it starts with choosing your toppings first.

The toppings range from S$1.20 to S$2.50 from which you can choose from the exclusive Cuttlefish Balls (S$2.50) or dependable Tofu Puff (S$1.20). Plus, each bowl already comes with Beancurd Sheets, Beansprouts and Chives if you are not feeling all that hungry.

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Next, you’ll pick your soup base, and there are six to choose from. There is the Wu La Soup, San Suan Soup, Suan La Soup, Tangy Tomato Soup, Fragrant Clear Soup and Ma La Soup.

Then, comes the fun part where you’ll pick the Spicy Level. Trust me when I say things do heat up from here. Of course, there is the Non Spicy option for spicy novices. It goes from 1/10 Mild, 1/5 Mild, 1/4 Mild, 1/3 Mild, 1/2 Mild, Mild, Moderate, Hot, and Extra Hot.

If you can truly take spicy, have the Double Extra Hot for a top-up of S$0.30. For those who are a sucker for customisation, TamJai SamGor is the place to be. After all, 700,000 possible combinations are sure to keep you on your toes.

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Already ravenous, I went headfirst into the Mixian With Tomato Soup (from S$7.50) that was replete with Pork (S$1.20) strips and Shrimp Wanton (S$1.70). A true classic, like its namesake, this soup was rich, tangy and all sorts of comforting. It’s a great introduction to the quality of TamJai SamGor’s soups, a crowd-pleaser and for a good reason too.

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The real star of the bowl, however, is the rice noodles or mixian. At first glance, they seem to resemble our humble thick vermicelli, but they are so much more.

Made from a simple combination of rice and water, these noodles are easy on the stomach and stay al dente in the soup—soggy noodles are a thing of the past with TamJai SamGor.

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One of the specialities from TamJai SamGor has to be their Mixian With Wu La Soup (from S$7). A rather unexpected number, this aromatic soup is made with charred pepper and spices.

Each sip has a smoky, almost wok hei-like quality which is so different from the usual tongue-numbing spices from mala. Plus, we also had the soup at a spicy level of 1/3 Mild, which was pretty comfortable, so no churning in my tummy yet.

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If you are more a traditionalist, then the Mixian With Ma La Soup (from S$7) would be right up your alley.

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We decided to turn it up a notch with a Moderate spicy level, and while I can handle my spiciness, it wasn’t long before I was sweating bullets and reaching for their Milk Tea (S$2.50). Just like the ones you’ll find in a Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng, this tea was smooth and mildly astringent—just enough to quell all those fires from the Ma La Soup.

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I do recommend having some of their Cuttlefish Balls (S$2.50) or Fishballs (S$1.20) in your mixian as well; these are specially imported from Hong Kong, so they are little different from the ones we are used to. Firmer and packed a little tighter, these bouncy orbs were winners in my book.

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Of course, another soup you can’t miss at TamJai SamGor has to be Mixian With San Suan Soup (from S$7.50). This hot and sour soup is made with Chongqing spices so expect each sip to be full of those tantalisingly sour and spicy notes.

If any of these noodles are just too spicy for you, get the Minced Pork (S$1.70) and dip your noodles in them. It serves as a sort-of bolognese that tones down all that heat.

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Besides their mixian, TamJai SamGor is also known for the wide variety of sides. In fact, I would order all the side dishes if my stomach would allow.

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Start with the TuFei Chicken Mid-Wings (S$4.80 for three, S$6.80 for five) that comes grilled and covered in cumin and other secret spices. Tender and flavourful, these wings like their name (tufei meaning bandit) have clearly stolen my heart.

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If not, the Sliced Pork Belly With Mashed Garlic (S$4.80 Small, S$6.80 Large) is just as gratifying. Thin slices of pork belly bask in chilli oil and covered with an almost indecent amount of garlic, which you know, I’m all for.

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For a lighter but still garlicky option, the Roasted Eggplant With Garlic (S$4.80) should suffice as well.

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For those still feeling peckish, you can’t go wrong with Pepper Tipped Century Egg (S$4.80) a slight twist from the usual ginger and century eggs; it’s an excellent companion to your mixian for sure.

Final thoughts

It’s clear, the popularity of Tamjai SamGor is entirely justified. It’s a haven for spicy lovers given their wide range of spicy levels and customisable toppings. Still, even if you can’t do spicy, you have options, and the inclusivity of TamJai SamGor is what you have to appreciate about the place.

The seemingly endless combinations (all 700,00 of them), ensures that your experience with TamJai SamGor will never be a dull one and every trip will be new in different ways. If Hong Kong isn’t in the cards for the moment, TamJai SamGor would definitely do.

Expected Damage: S$10 – S$15 per pax

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Tamjai SamGor.

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

TamJai SamGor

133 New Bridge Road, Chinatown Point, #01-01/02, Singapore 059413

Our Rating 4/5

TamJai SamGor

133 New Bridge Road, Chinatown Point, #01-01/02, Singapore 059413

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 10pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 10pm (Daily)
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