Expand Your Snack Stash With Tao Kae Noi Seaweed-flavoured Pringles Now Avail at Selected Supermarkets

Need something to munch on while you’re chilling at home? For all of the coach potato out there, good news for you! Here’s a new snack for you—Tao Kae Noi Seaweed-Flavoured Pringles (two for S$3.95). The new flavoured crispy chips have finally landed on our shores and they come in two seaweed flavours, Classic and Hot & Spicy

Online Tao Kae Noi X Pringles

Pringles chips are my go-to snack as they are so addictive and tasty, although not the healthiest choice. Great as an on-the-go snack while you’re binge-watching your Netflix series this ‘Circuit Breaker’, this serves as an ideal treat every now and then!

Online Tao Kae Noi X Pringles 2

I am an avid Tao Kae Noi fan; they are my favourite guilt-free snack and I could happily finish a bag in five minutes. Being one of the most popular seaweed snacks in the market, it is made from high-quality seaweed and is perfectly seasoned with a crispy bite. I can’t wait to try both of the heavenly snacks melded together.

Packed with loads of chips (up to the top of the can), each well-seasoned chip would have you begging for more. Neither greasy nor heavy on your palate, I am sure once you start popping this into your mouth, the fun won’t stop!

These highly-coveted chips are selling like hotcakes, so be sure to get a hold of a can soon!

Dates & Times: Tao Kae Noi Seaweed-flavoured Pringles are available at selected supermarkets while stocks last

Price: S$3.95 for two