‘Tapau Please’ by SethLui.com: Episode #004 — Taste-testing trendy foods for the first time

Tapau Please (wp)

We know how our fellow Singaporeans can sometimes fall head over heels with the latest and newest food trend the moment it hits our shores. We’ve witnessed with wide-eyed amazement how some of us have lapped up rainbow food, salted egg-everything, and in more recent times, Basque cheesecake.

While we don’t blame anyone for going out of their comfort zones to try new food, we sometimes question the legitimacy of the hype. As a result, our two hosts, Wani and Zat, brought in some currently trending food items into the studio for the fourth episode of ‘Tapau Please’ and try them for the first time—all for your entertainment.

As two individuals who try their best to avoid being sucked in current crazes, this taste-test session certainly had them questioning their palate. Listen to the latest episode of ‘Tapau Please’ and listen on to find out if they caved in to hype or if they stuck to their guts and stubbornly insisted that they’re too cool for food trends!

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