MasterChef Asia finalist, Sandrian Tan, ventures into local dessert scene with The Tartlery

Cooking competitions are aplenty on Netflix, and I’m sure we’ve spent hours glued to the screen, gripping the edge of our seats as we root for our favourite participants. It’s, of course, a secret wish we all have that we’d get to sink our teeth into their gastronomic masterpieces. Well, that wish has come true—MasterChef Asia finalist, Sandrian Tan, is venturing into our local dessert scene with The Tartlery.

a photo of sandrian tan
Credit – The Tartlery

Her range of artisanal tarts will include six unique variations—Chef Tan aims to pay homage to her maternal Thai heritage with the addition of exotic Asian herbs and spices.

a flatlay of tarts from The Tartlery
Credit – The Tartlery

Dessert fiends can expect a variety of flavours, and the tarts will be available in a Box of 4 (S$35) or a Box of 6 (S$50). The first pièce de resistance of The Tartlery is inspired and named after the film, Samsara (2001). The Samsara is suffused with candied ginger and white chocolate atop a saffron, custard-filled sphere. The lineup is followed by The Stonehenge, with a winsome pairing of light vanilla with a tangy touch of passionfruit and mint.

A homage to Singapore’s Bukit Timah, The Mount Timah is a twist on the popular Mont Blanc dessert. The Tartlery has melded the citrusy notes of orange jelly with earthy thyme and is topped with a smooth chestnut puree. If fruity flavours are up your alley, The Grape Kobo is a plate-scraping wonder of yoghurt, cheese custard, and grapes. Drizzled with raw honey and dashed with lavender, this dessert is resplendent.

The Tartlery’s penultimate dessert in their formidable lineup is the Holy Lemon. Think of zesty lemon, paired with swirls of meringue and aromatic basil that boasts a multi-dimensional blend of sweetness, tanginess, and the lightest notes of herbaceous flavour. The Peary Christmas is perfect to get into the holiday spirit, with an ethereal blend of mulled wine poached pear, Chef Tan’s special herb blend, and tangy pomegranate seeds for a stellar conclusion to your Christmas dinner.

The Tartlery has also collaborated with Chá by Land with two tea pairings available in cold brew form—Grand Scarlet (S$5/250ml), and The Original Breakfast Tea (S$5/250ml). Dessert enthusiasts can place their orders on 15 November 2021, and enjoy free islandwide delivery for orders above S$75.

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