Taylor Adam: Secret Kingsmen bar hidden as a tailor shop you’ve never heard of

I bet you have never heard of Taylor Adam although it has been open for almost 3 years to date. 

Taylor Adams - storefront

The reason is simple – Taylor Adam is tucked away behind a discreet tailor facade at Raffles Place. Literally, a hidden gem. Only those in the know have discovered this speakeasy bar, known for its clandestine charm.

Taylor Adams -Bar background

Despite its small and cosy space, Taylor Adam maintains its posh interior with large plush velvet seatings as well as intimate bar seats. Stepping in felt like I was entering a realm of understated luxury with sleek contemporary elements. The bar’s decor, inspired by its tailor shop idea and collaboration with Meiko Tailor, has suited bartenders and a refined environment that feels both exclusive and welcoming.

Taylor Adams -bar background

To keep up the elusive and mysterious vibe of the bar, the food and drinks menu is on a 6-month rotation that aligns with a specific region as a theme. When we were there, the theme was Latin Americanfocusing on a mix of sweet and sour flavours. Food served here was also presented in small tapas style to allow diners to try as many dishes as possible while sipping on delicious cocktails.

Taylor Adams - cocktail drink in tailored shirt

We got on to a strong start with their signature Alta Moda (S$25) cocktail – a blend of mainly Gin, dry and sweet vermouth and lemon juice. The bottle that it arrived in was dressed in an elegant vest for men ordering the drink, or a batik dress for women. 

Taylor Adams - cocktail drink in tailored clothes

This drink celebrates the partnership between the speakeasy bar and Meiko Tailor with these “bottle clothings” made by the latter. Alta Moda is a twist on the classic gin sour with the use of sweet and dry vermouth, bringing out the natural floral and fruity notes of the Gin.

Taylor Adams - cocktail drink with cinnamon stick

Next, was the all-time favourite Carpe Diam (S$25) which was also my favourite cocktail of the night. With whiskey and cinnamon as its base flavour, this cocktail sits in a sous vide bath for no less than 3 hours which produces a stronger, bolder flavour. 

Taylor Adams - cocktail drink with cinnamon stick

Its smokiness is more notably enunciated with a smoked cinnamon stick with the option to dip the burning end into the drink.

Taylor Adams - corn shell

After such a strong start, we got started on some Mexican Corn In Crispy Shells (S$14).  Corn mixed in with cold crème fraîche nestled inside a crispy taco shell was a quick and easy way to get your appetite going. It almost felt like a coleslaw but with crunchy bits of corn instead.

Taylor Adams -prawn taco

Continuing the Mexican theme, we had Grilled Prawn Tacos (S$18). 

Taylor Adams - prawn taco zoom in

I enjoyed how they were so generous with the large prawns. Large slices of tomatoes gave it that burst of bright sweetness while the chipotle sauce was tangy.

Taylor Adams - cocktail drink

Before heading for the last two mains, we switched gears and had our last 2 drink pairings. For someone looking for a lighter and fruitier drink, the signature Nature’s Gift (S$25) would be the one for you. 

Taylor Adams - cocktail drink

With banana liqueur and Mezcal, a liqueur derived from Agave, as the base, the drink was very well-rounded with no sharp alcohol taste. 

Taylor Adams - banana cocktail drink

Notes of caramelised banana were very prominent followed by hints of maple syrup. The thin brûlée banana slice on top added a delightful touch to the dish, making it even more enjoyable when paired with the drink.

Taylor Adams - bird cage drink

To end off the night, we were served the Caipirinha Di Manga (S$25) which came in what seemed like a glass birdcage.

Taylor Adams -orange cocktail with smoke

Fog from the dry ice gave it that mysterious feel as we peered through the tiny glass windows to have a look at our drink. The drink was invented by the local farmers in the region of São Paulo, Caipirinha, and was designed for the events and parties of the rich. 

Taylor Adams - orange cocktail

This drink boasted a twist of mango flavour however, I felt that it was rather gimmicky. Flavour-wise the drink felt flat and one-dimensional with only a hint of mango at the very end. Bummer!

Taylor Adams - grilled chicken

However, this was made up quickly with some simple, no-frills Peruvian Grilled Chicken (S$16) that was done perfectly right.

Taylor Adams - inside of grilled chicken

The first thing I noticed was the charred crunchy skin that upon biting down, released a burst of flavour from the juiciness of the chicken. 

Taylor Adams - grilled chicken

Next, was the subtle smokiness that provided another layer of depth to the whole dish. Following this was the cold yoghurt-cream dip that cleanses your palate, preparing you for the next bite.

Taylor Adams - beef steak

Last but not least, we tried the Steak With Chimichurri (S$28). The steak was cooked perfectly medium rare while drenched in the Chimichurri sauce. The sauce was piquant, bright and acidic, and added a slick herbaceousness to each bite of meat.

Taylor Adams - beef steak medium rare

All in all, I really enjoyed the entire dining experience here – the whole mysterious vibe that the bar has exuded. With cheeky bartenders and playful drinks, what’s not to love? I would definitely be back for the cocktails. On the contrary, food-wise wise other than the Peruvian Grilled Chicken, the other dishes felt merely average. However, I am excited to see what they have to offer 6 months from now. 

Expected damage: S$15 – S$50 per pax

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Our Rating: 4 / 5

Taylor Adams

1 Raffles Place, #01-03, 048616

Our Rating 4/5

Taylor Adams

1 Raffles Place, #01-03, 048616

Telephone: 8878 3395
Operating Hours: 5pm - 11pm (Mon, Tue & Fri), 5pm - 12am (Wed & Thu), 6pm - 12am (Sat), Closed on Sun
Telephone: 8878 3395

Operating Hours: 5pm - 11pm (Mon, Tue & Fri), 5pm - 12am (Wed & Thu), 6pm - 12am (Sat), Closed on Sun
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