The ENTERTAINER 2021 (+Promo code): Feast to a better year with thousands of 1-for-1 and discount offers

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Credit – The ENTERTAINER Singapore 2021

Promo code: SETHLUI2021

With a whirlwind 2020 firmly behind us, we can finally look forward to enjoying 2021. My guess is that it will be a greater year with the ENTERTAINER Singapore 2021.

For the uninitiated, the ENTERTAINER is your one-stop-shop for unbeatable offers and savings for food, nightlife, travel, attractions, retail, everyday services, and even for beauty & fitness.

With 1-for-1 offers and discounts available to enjoy all-day, 7 days a week, downloading the ENTERTAINER app is simply a no-brainer. After all, the pandemic has hit us one way or another, and with all the money you’ll save on the app, 2021 is already off to a good start.

With a single purchase of the ENTERTAINER Singapore 2021 app, you get up to five products replete with deals that more than make up for the price you’ll pay for the app. Not only that, you can even buy back the cost of the app with just one redemption at venues like Fat Cow and Bedrock Bar & Grill, where the main dish already costs at least S$98!

Under their Singapore 2021, have a ball of a time with the likes of Bangkok Jam, Hoshino Coffee, Jamie’s Italian Singapore, The Marmalade Pantry, Paul Bakery, and The Coffee Academics. With 1-for-1 and discount offers, have that coveted tête-à-tête with friends you’ve missed during the ‘Circuit Breaker’.

For those who prefer to catch-up over Netflix, there are also 1-for-1 offers available for takeaway such as Kraftwich, Flash Coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts Singapore, Cat & the Fiddle, and La Lola Churreria. What’s better than dishing the latest gossip over delicious slices of cake?

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Credit – Harry’s

If you are looking to blow off some steam with said mates, Cheers Singapore 2021 is where you’ll find excellent 1-for-1 deals on beverages. Have your pick at these lively watering holes from Harry’s, Chug Chug, Tiger Street Lab, Kult Kafe to Hard Rock Cafe Singapore.

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Credit – Fat Cow

Seeing as how 2020 has been a pretty hard year, reward yourself with Gourmet Singapore 2021, where you’ll enjoy 1-for-1 and 25% off the total bill at upscale dining places for that little bit of luxury, we all deserve.

Sink your teeth into gorgeous marbled beef at Fat Cow or the buttery lobster rolls at Pince and Pints. If not Bedrock Bar & Grill, Se7enth, Don Ho Social Kitchen & Bar, and Forbidden Duck should suit your fancy as well.

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Credit – Kipos Gourmet

The fun doesn’t stop there; make everyday great with Express Singapore 2021 where you’ll get 25% off your total bill (except set meals) at takeaway kiosks like Kipos Gourmet, Egg Stop, Ben’s Cookies, Bober Tea, and more. You’ll even get 4x Express offers per merchant and enjoy up to S$50 discount per redemption, whether you’re dining alone or with a big group. Express Singapore 2021 offers also reset every month which means you’ll get to enjoy up to 48 offers per year!

I know, the idea of travel has been somewhat of a buzzkill lately. However, we must hold on to the hope we’ll get to feed our undying wanderlust again. With Travel 2021 plan ahead with 1-for-1 hotel deals, so you won’t have to jostle with the crowds and fight for deals when we can travel once again.

The good times keep rolling in; members will also enjoy Buy-One-Get-One-Free anytime and any day during the week at hundreds of participating merchants. Not to mention, there will be more merchants added along the year, so do keep your eyes peeled.

Alright, the cherry on top: use the promo code SETHLUI2021 for 10% off the cart price on The ENTERTAINER 2021 app. Yes, 2021 might be our year after all (fingers crossed!).

Date & Time: Now available for download

Price: S$79 (Singapore 2021 – Singapore 2021, Gourmet 2021, Cheers Singapore 2021, Express Singapore 2021; U.P. S$95)