The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.: Make Any Situation Better With The First Customisable Ice Cream Service In Singapore

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Ice cream is literally perfect for any occasion: break ups, make ups, parties, breakfast… it just makes everything better. If you’ve always wanted to design your own ice cream pints, now you can do so with The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.‘s Customise Your Pint service.

The first customisable ice cream service in Singapore, the process is fun and hassle-free. Start by choosing an ice cream base and your mix-ins, then go crazy designing the pint to your heart’s desire!

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The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. provides a few templates for you to choose from, but get your creative juices flowing and design the pint from scratch. It starts at $79 for four customised pints and if you place an order anytime from Monday to Thursday, you’ll get it the very next day.

If you’re prone to procrastinating and getting gifts super last minute like me, this service is pretty much a godsend!

Expected damage: $79 for four customised pints

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