Sinseh : The Grocer: Mesmerizing Galaxy Donuts Let You Have A Taste Of The Milky Way

galaxy donuts the lab sinseh the grocer

Are you into the Milky Way, stars, and the nebula? Sinseh : The Grocer offers you a taste of the galactic universe with its mesmerising Galaxy Donuts.

galaxy donuts the lab sinseh the grocer

Created by the people behind Lab SG, which is located just a few steps away, the galaxy donuts can be preordered and collected from the cafe itself or you could also choose to and dine-in while you grab a cuppa to go with it.

galaxy donuts the lab sinseh the grocer

Comes in two sizes, you could get the big galaxy donut ($4), which is almost the size of my palm, and the mini donuts ($3) perfectly scaled down to be gobble up in two mouthfuls.

The donuts are fancied up with colouring, icing, edible glitter, golden sugar crystals and sprinkles, which wasn’t overwhelmingly sugary as I thought it to be.

galaxy donuts the lab sinseh the grocer

While it looked pretty — and need I mention Instagram-worthy? — it tasted like any regular donut you could get off the shelf at a bakery, sans the elaborate galaxy designs. The mini ones came with a matted glaze, while the bigger one was covered in a glossier finish.

The fried dough could be moist and fluffier on the inside, and a slight detection of yeasty taste was present.

galaxy donuts the lab sinseh the grocer

Albeit a little gimmicky and pricey for a donut, you could still head down to Lab SG for a meal and grab these little doughy rings just for the fun of it.

Skip the wait and preorder your Galaxy Donuts through Whatsapp +65 98757232 an hour earlier before your desired pick up time, stating the order quantity and donut sizes.

Expected Damage: $4 per pax

Sinseh : The Grocer: 9 Jalan Pisang, Singapore 199076 | Tel: 6291 5743 | Monday – Saturday: 12pm – 8:30pm (Closed on Sundays) | Facebook