The Masses: Creative Dishes At An Affordable Price For The Masses To Enjoy At Beach Road

Last Updated: September 16, 2017

Written by Cheryl Tan

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If you’ve ever eaten at Saveur and enjoyed the food there, The Masses is probably the next location for you to head to. Opened by Saveur’s co-founder Dylan Ong, this restaurant promises high quality food at affordable prices.

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Located at Beach Road, the 40-seater cosy space is well lit, with plenty of seats inside and outside. The restaurant’s menu comprises of items mostly under $20, with only one item at $22.90.

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Starting with The Egg ($9), I found myself utterly captivated by the mounds of tobiko and ikura. The steamed egg custard was soft and combined perfectly with tartness from a layer of lemon brown butter and the briny taste of the ikura.

The homemade potato chips were thin and crisp, unsalted to ensure that the dish wouldn’t be too salty. The addition of chive oil gave the dish a nice earthiness and pop of colour.

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Don’t forget to try the Whisky Sour ($13), or the Lemon & Lime Bitters ($15) if you’re not in the mood for an alcoholic drink.  The Whisky Sour was smooth, with a delectable bourbon whisky and fresh lemon juice used. There was also a slight sweetness from the organic honey.

The Lemon & Lime Bitters was a refreshing drink made with lemonade and freshly squeezed lime juice, perfect for a hot day. There was a hint of bitterness, but nothing too overpowering.

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The Aus Frementle Octopus Tentacle ($14.90) was tender, having been sous vide for seven hours before being grilled with kombu butter over binchotan, a special charcoal from Japan.

The pickled lotus roots added a nice sharpness, and I felt that the gochujang aioli would have benefited from being a little more flavourful.

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Served cold, the C & C Pasta ($9 for appetiser, $14.50 for mains) comes with a generous serving of crab meat and caviar. The best part about this dish was the inclusion of chilli oil, which gives strand of pasta a nice, evenly coating. The caviar tasted a little metallic, however, which wasn’t too pleasant a taste, but was tolerable when mixed with the rest of the pasta and crab meat.

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My favourite dish was the Honey Garlic Miso Chicken Breast ($13.90), which I thoroughly enjoyed the bed of celeriac puree and the tenderness of the chicken. The creamy puree was infused with brown butter and almonds, which added a good amount of flavour.

The sauteed kale was crisp, with bursts of saltiness thanks to the addition of bacon bits. The chicken breasts were extremely tender and not dried out, with the prominent taste of honey, garlic and miso.

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Finally, on to desserts, I absolutely loved the Popsicle ($6). Made with fermented fruit juice that’s made in-house, the popsicle had a delicious sharp flavour of white peach. Flavours change according to what’s in the fermentation jar, so you can definitely look forward to a surprise!

The toppings of popping candy and chamomile honey were brilliant. The candy served to make the entire dessert fun and quirky, while the sweetness of the honey paired nicely with the tartness of the popsicle.

I came to The Masses with high expectations, and I would say that all my criteria for a good meal were met. The food was delicious, and I definitely think that customers will be getting a great deal when they dine here.

Expected damage: $15 – 25 per pax

The Masses: 85 Beach Rd, Singapore 189694 | Tel: +65 62660061 | Facebook | Opening hours: 12pm – 9.30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 12pm – 12am on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 12pm – 9pm on Sunday

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