The Queen’s Cats: Wah-so-shiok Waffles fit for a Queen


The Queen’s Cats is a quaint cafe nestled in Holland Village. Established in 2015, the cafe is conveniently located one minute away Holland Village MRT Station, right next to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. It’s impossible to miss. And moving inside…


The interior is very beautiful and cosy. The couch chairs are comfortable. You could tell that everything within the restaurant was meticulously matched too. With British and Parisian influences, any girl or woman would feel like a Princess Kate or Queen Elizabeth.

The ambience is truly admirable. The service is so exceptional that it makes the royal experience all the more real too. The staff are friendly and are willing to answer any questions you may have with patience. As for the food…


… we started with the Royal High Tea Set ($49.90 for two) which included three layers of assorted cakes, macarons, sandwiches, savoury pastries, cream of mushroom soups and a pot of tea.

The best part of the three-tier set was probably the Mini Chicken Pesto Waffle followed by the chocolate-flavoured macaron. The waffle in particular was soft and milky and sweet all at the same time. The sandwiches didn’t capture my heart as much and the assorted cakes could have been more balanced in terms of taste.


The sweetness of both cakes were too rich for our liking, perhaps a dark chocolate cake would have gone better with the passion fruit bite.


The Cream of Mushroom (a la carte $8.90) was pretty tasty as well but a tad bit too oily for my liking. The truffle scented oil masked the taste of the mushroom slightly. This is,of course, not a big deal when you have premium grade tea to make you feel less jelat (cloying) whilst you slurp on that cup of Cream of Mushroom.


The tea at the Queen’s Cats is a must try! Over here is the English Afternoon Tea. The most superb thing about the Queen’s Cats is the variety of premium grade tea they have to offer. The choices are endless and makes it hard for you to choose. Our choice of English Afternoon Tea could not have been better. The English Afternoon Tea is calming and perfect for Singapore’s afternoon heat.


The Matcha Ice Cream Waffle ($11.90) is another option for those who want to beat the Lion City’s heat. Accompanied by green tea flavoured syrup and sprinkled with Matcha powder, this sweet waffle cannot be found anywhere else. Served hot with the Matcha Azuki Red Bean ice cream, this hot & cold sensation will knock Queen Elizabeth’s socks off.

And now it’s out with the old and in with the new! The Queen’s Cats is revamping its menu to give you the best they have to offer so check these two new additions out:


The Free Range Chicken Breast (TBC) is a marvelous addition to the Queen’s Cats’ menu. Doused in a garden of perfectly cooked mushrooms, the Free Range Chicken Breast hits all the right notes and manages to make you feel healthy after consuming it.

Although the mashed potato was slightly heavy for our liking, the chicken was crispy but not oily and tasty but not too rich. Whatever the Queen’s Cat lacked its Royal High Tea Set was definitely made up in this one dish. The Free Range Chicken Breast has made me re-think my decision to, at any time, become vegetarian at all.


The Queen’s Cats continues on a good streak with Organic Egg (TBC). We liked the Singaporean twist to this dish. The siew yok was rad. The egg yoke, on the other hand, cold have been more runny. Again, we were still impressed with the garden of mushrooms, especially the morel mushrooms which were springy in texture and completely unique in flavour when drizzled with truffle-scented oil.

All in all, the Queen’s Cats is definitely worth a shot, especially with its new menu. However, go for the mains and tea because the Royal High Tea Set isn’t bang for your buck and lacks in certain areas but the mains, especially the new ones, are definitely worth your time.

So, drink premium grade tea and eat like a Queen.

Expected Damage: $12-30/pax

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The Queen’s Cats: 8 Lor Mambong, Singapore 277674 | Tel: 6463 3945 | Website