Get Your Craic On With Free-Flow Booze At This Whisky Bar In CHIJMES On 31 Mar

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Party the Good Friday weekend away with free-flow booze at The Single Cask, a whisky bar at CHIJMES. On 31 March 2018, enjoy a fun-filled night and get your fill of selected whiskies, cocktails and shots!

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At The Single Cask, they feature premium ‘single cask’ whisky — each bottle is obtained from an individual ageing barrel instead of being blended with contents from various casks. If you’re feeling extra fancy, give their exclusive ‘single cask’ alcohol a go, because it’s all on free flow!

Coined by the Irish (who are arguably best drinkers in the world), “craic” means to drink and be merry. Running from 8pm to 12am, crossover into this April on a festive note.

For an attractive $50 per pax, you won’t have to be a heavy drinker to make this event worth it. Are you craic enough?

Date & Time: 31 March 2018, 8pm – 12midnight

Price: $50 per pax

The Single Cask Presents: Craic Night!: 30 Victoria Street, Chijmes Caldwell House, #01-25, Singapore 187996 | Tel: +65 6837 0953 | Opening Hours: (Monday to Saturday) 5pm – 12am, (Sunday) Closed | Website | Facebook