Three Buns launches gourmet burgers with Tiga Roti cloud kitchen concept

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore Three Buns. Why you might ask? Is it their cheekily named burgers? Or their fun, Asian-influenced recipes? Or just that they know how to pack so much flavour into one punchy burger?

Group shot of Tiga Roti burgers
Credit – Tiga Roti

It’s probably all that and more, and it makes me even more excited now that Muslims (it’s in the process of getting its halal certification approved at time of publishing) get to savour similar deliciousness with Three Buns’ latest cloud kitchen concept, Tiga Roti. These gourmet burgers are affordably priced from just S$12.

Tiga Roti 1

The menu is loaded with a diverse selection of burgers, sides, and shakes lovingly created by Chef Adam Penney, and inspired by the two great loves of his life, his wife Saffy, and the humble burger. You can’t miss out on Hot ‘Dang, a creation that’s brimming with 24-hour slow-cooked pulled beef brisket, smothered with an in-house rendang gravy, cucumber, scallions, pickled daikon, chilli, and coconut aioli, served in a toasted wholemeal bun. The specially created spicy rendang sauce even comes with a ‘pedas‘ (spicy) warning for those bold enough to attempt it.

If you think vegetarian burgers are a snooze fest, wait till you try Chef Penney’s Boi Ndoot (S$15) that is created with a TiNDLE “Kiev”, breaded TiNDLE, stuffed with miso garlic parsley butter, truffle aioli, onion pickle, and lettuce in a toasted demi brioche bun. And what’s a burger without a side of fries? Here, fries don’t just take on the role of forgotten sidekick to the meal—they’re their own star. Pile on even more flavour with Fuhhhhh Fries (S$9) that feature double-cooked potato dippers, spiced béarnaise, beef chilli, bawang goreng, parmesan, pickled chilli, and sesame seeds. They’re not playing here.

Shot of Tiga Roti burger, Kids of the Corn, and milkshake
Credit – TigaRoti

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Wash everything down with one of their irresistible shakes such as Madagascan Vanilla Milkshake (S$7), Strawberry Milkshake (S$9), or Bandung Milkshake (S$9), among a handful of choices. Otherwise, a sweet treat in the form of Bread N Butter Fritters (S$8) might hit the sweet spot. Whatever your fancy, there’s something for everyone from Tiga Roti; just be sure to order your own meal because we’re confident you won’t want to share.

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Date & Time: Tiga Roti is available for order online via Oddle from 1 April 2021

Prices: From S$12 per burger

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