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7 Food Lobangs Not To Be Missed at Tiong Bahru Plaza

Last Updated: September 9, 2016

Written by Nicole Lee

After two years of renovations, Tiong Bahru Plaza (TBP) is officially open again for business in the bustling heartland, one of Singapore’s oldest housing estates where many call home.

Through its revitalization efforts, long-standing TBP offers an urban experience that marries the old and the new. A great testimony to a mall’s quality can be seen in the food, and TBP have some great Food Lobangs (good deals) to offer as part of their housewarming treats.

Yes, you heard me right: Food Lobang.

TBP is offering mall visitors a chance to try some of its F&B outlets at great savings – Food Lobang coupons will be sold at $12 and can be used from 29th August 2016 to 6th October 2016 (Mon – Thurs).

With this coupon, you can get one set meal and one quick bite/ dessert/ drink for just $12 (which usually costs up to $25) at participating F&B outlets.

We’ll start with a few set meals we shortlisted:

1. Authentic Banh Mi from O Banh Mi

Food Lobang Quick Bite: Any Banh Mi + Any Drink

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

O Banh Mi recently opened in April 2016 and serves up some pretty authentic Vietnamese cuisine and is here to stir up some kick to the local food scene with their banh mis.

A Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich with French influences. O Banh Mi’s Vietnamese baguette is crispy and hard on the outside, but soft and airy on the inside. 

So what kind of banh mis could you try with the food lobang?

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

First of all, there is the Grilled BBQ Pork Sandwich ($7.50). The pork is succulent and goes really well with the fresh vegetables and fried sunny side up egg. Indeed, the saltiness and slightly charred edges of the meat goes really well with the fresh vegetables. A balance of yin and yang.

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

There’s also the Vietnamese Ham Sandwich ($7.50) that consists of eggs and fresh vegetables. If you’re a ham and cheese kind of person, this would be something up your alley.

The set meal also includes a choice of Vietnamese coffee or Lemongrass Ginger tea.

Other than banh mis, O Banh Mi also offers spring rolls, summer rolls, pho noodles and so much more. Although these are not included through TBP’s Food Lobang, they can be purchased separately and definitely worth the try when you’re visiting the stall.

Store Number: 02-113 | Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 9.30pm & last order 9pm| Tel: 9764 2108 | Website

2. Generous Teriyaki Chicken Bibim at Paik’s Bibim (‘s비빔밥)

Food Lobang Set Meal: Teriyaki Chicken Bibim + Steamed Egg + Coke/Green Tea

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

Founded by renowned Korean chef Jong Won Paik, Paik’s Bimbim specializes in unique, modernised bibimpaps (비빔밥) which are also served in generously huge portions – a bang for your buck too, perfect for lunch breaks with your colleagues.

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

Try the Teriyaki Chicken Bibimpap ($8.50), a lunch crowd favourite. With crispy bits drizzled over really tender chicken cubes, creamy mayo and fresh vegetables. Sprinkled with hints of sesame seeds and a bush of crunchy seaweed, this meal is not only delicious but full of nutrition, and a play of textures from all its ingredients, making every bite refreshing.


To enhance the taste of the bibimpap, pour some gochujang (fermented Korean pepper paste) over it for an added tangy flavour that cuts through each bite.

Store Number: 02-111 | Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 10pm | Website

3. Revisit long lost flavours from Baba Wins’ Peranakan Cuisine

Food Lobang Set Meal: Choice of Babi Sio or Nyonya Meat + Potato Stew with rice

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

Peranakan cuisine is rich in flavour and heavy at times but perhaps the best part is that it is undeniably delicious and Baba Wins’ dishes don’t fall short of those standards.

At Baba Wins’, you’ll enjoy a cosy atmosphere and even taste some close-to-extinct Nyonya dishes that are on their seasonal menu. They even make their own sambal belacan! Which reminds me of home.

Baba Wins’ is the perfect place to give Peranakan food a try with TBP’s Food Lobang coupon.

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

With TBP’s Food Lobang you could have either the Babi Sio ($13), or the Nyonya Meat & Potato Stew/Pongteh ($12.50).

Potato Stew/Pongteh is one of Malacca’s most loved dishes. Baba Wins’ rendition of it is just as splendid as it is in Malacca. Slightly lighter in colour and taste, the gravy is not as dark but the potatoes and meat are still incredibly soft and tender.

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

For the more adventurous, go for the Nyonya Meat aka Babi Sio. Baba Wins’ version of it, unlike other Peranakan restaurants in Singapore, replicates the Penang recipe which consists of more gravy than your usual Singapore Babi Sio.

Wet and filled with belly fat goodness, the meat is also superbly succulent and you can taste hints of the dried chillies and an added dimension of assam. Eat it with the homemade belacan with a drizzle of lime juice along with steamed rice and you’ll have a happy tummy.

Store Number: 02-107/108 | Opening Hours: Daily, 11.30am – 10pm & last order at 9.30pm | Tel: 6352 0218 | Website

4. Fresh Cowboy’s Favourites from Milkshop

Food Lobang Drink: Choice of 1 Little Cowboy’s Favourite and 1 Guan-Yin Tea

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

The Milk Shop opens its very first Singapore outlet at TBP. It uses only fresh milk, fruits and honey to make their beverages that will send you to the Milky Way, especially with TBP’s Food Lobang.

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

If you bought TBP’s Lobang coupons, you’ll have best of both worlds to The Little Cowboy Favourite ($3.60) which is their daily special and a guan-yin tea ($2.20). The Little Cowboy Favourite flavours change day to day with one flavour for each day of the week.


The Kiwi Banana Milk on Saturday is really smooth and yummy. It tastes refreshingly healthy but still incredibly tasty with the sweetness of both the kiwi and banana. Who knew these fruits would make such a good combination?

The Chocolate Banana Milk is also really delicious, but hey, those are for Sundays. After all, Sundays are meant for indulging.

Then we have the guan-yin tea sweetened with honey, which was quite ‘liang’ (cooling). This tea is great for those who may be feeling a little under the weather.

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

For the rest of the week, there is Papaya Milk, Banana Milk, Tomato Milk, Watermelon Milk, and Papaya Banana Milk on Monday to Friday respectively. Have one to go when you get a Food Lobang coupon to get over those dull office or school days. You won’t regret it.

Store Number: 01-155 | Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 10pm | Tel: 6352 7507

5. Amazing Smoothie Froyo at Paik’s Coffee

Food Lobang Dessert: Choice of Strawberry smoothie froyo or Choco Banana smoothie froyo or Red Bean Bingsu

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

Right next to the ordering counter of Paik’s Bibim is Paik’s Coffee. Outstandingly yellow, it’s impossible to miss. Founded by the same owner of Paik’s Bibim, Paik’s Coffee is your up and coming froyo go-to place.

Yes, their froyo is amazing AND affordable. I’d personally save TBP’s Food Lobang coupon for the froyo here.

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

The Strawberry Banana Froyo Smoothie ($5.50) is a classic and it’s enormous. The large swirl of soft froyo will cool you down from Singapore’s scorching heat in no time.

What makes it different from other froyo stores is that this smoothie isn’t overly sweet and was balanced with the tarty froyo. 

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

If you want something more Korean Cafe-styled, go for the Red Bean Snowflakes ($5.50). This cup of icy goodness is packed with cornflakes, walnuts, peanut, red beans and chewy rice cake bits tteokbokki sitting on shaved ice. The rice cake bits were my favourite part of the snowflakes. It’s chewy and disintegrates slowly in your mouth until it melts away.

Amazing frozen delights, Paik’s Coffee is the place to stop by on a hot afternoon.

Store Number: 02-111 | Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 10pm | Website

6. Authentic Jelly Bowl at NiceDay Taiwan Dessert Café

Food Lobang Dessert: Choice of Mega Grass Jelly Bowl or Durian Grass Jelly Bowl or Avocado Grass Jelly Bowl

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

NICEDAY is a really cool place for contemporary Taiwanese dessert. Specializing in Snow Ice and Taro Q desserts, this dessert store is nothing short of expectations.

Having been to Taiwan recently, it is safe to say that NICEDAY in TBP even beats some of the dessert stores that I visited in Jiu Fen.

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

The Signature Taro Q Grass Jelly Bowl ($4.50) and Soy Beancurd with Taro Q ($4.50) are available for purchase as a snack under TBP’s Food Lobang Coupon. The soy beancurd is really silky and less jelly-like; highly recommended. This goes really well with the QQ bounciness off their signature taroQ balls.

NICEDAY Taiwan Dessert Café also has so much more to offer so here’s a glimpse of what else is on their menu that is not included in TBP’s Food Lobang campaign.

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

The Purple Sweet Potato Milky Snow Mountain ($9.90) is a must-try. Instagram worthy, this bingsu-like snow mountain is blessed with really bouncy purple mochi balls, nata de coco, red beans and grass jelly hiding at the base of the mountain. Add on the taroQ balls and you have the perfect dessert.

Store Number: 02-111A | Opening Hours: Daily, 10.30am – 10.30pm| Tel: 9654 3544 | Website

7. Crispy Peanut Maple Crepe at iCrepe

Food Lobang Quick Bites: Peanut Maple Crepe

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

iCrepe specializes in locally made crispy crepes that are convenient, healthy and tasty all at the same time. Made with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, you are guaranteed to come back for more after your first bite.

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

The homemade maple syrup is made from the kitchen itself, instead of being manufactured from a huge factory machinery, which shows their dedication to quality.

The maple syrup is also thicker and stickier than your average maple syrup so that it sticks to the crepes and holds the ingredients together.

tiong bahru plaza food lobang

With the TBP’s Food Lobang you can get the Peanut Maple Crepe ($5.90) to curb your sweet-tooth. This crepe is both sweet and savoury; the saltiness of the freshly grounded peanut balances the sweetness of the maple syrup, almost like having popcorn but healthier and more wholesome.

Perfect for light snacking, you could even have this crepe for a quick breakfast to go before hopping on the MRT.

Store Number: B1-112 | Opening Hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm | Website

house warming food lobang

Why It Makes Sense to Buy TBP’s Food Lobang Coupons

With so many yummy options, TBP’s Food Lobang coupons are worth buying. Let’s do some simple math:

If you order a la carte items like the babi sio ($13) and a crepe ($5.90), it would come up to a total of $18.90. Of course it is more wu hua to buy the $12 coupons lah.

If you only purchased a bibimpap by itself, you can still purchase a drink or dessert at the other dessert/drink stalls like Milkshop, NICEDAY Taiwan Dessert Café, Paik’s Coffee or iCrepe.

Similarly, at O Banh Mi and Baba Wins’, you could have your banh mi or babi sio set meal complete with a drink, and still have a quick-bite, dessert or drink from another tenant of your choice.

So head over to TBP and buy some coupons from the kachang puteh tricycle at level 1 (outside Uniqlo)  – from 29 Aug to 15 Sept (Mon to Thurs only, excluding PH), 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm or at the customer service counter at level 2.

Terms & Conditions

Please present your ticket at Tiong Bahru Plaza, Level 2 Customer Service Counter to redeem your original coupon.

  • For dine-in only, at any participating Food and Beverages outlets.
  • Valid until 6 Oct 2016, from Mondays to Thursday excluding eve of public holidays and public holiday.
  • Promotion are not applicable in conjunction with any other promotions. Coupons must be presented at the participating outlets before ordering.
  • Coupons are inclusive of GST, service charges and are non-refundable. The management will not refund any expired, unutilised, torn or lost coupons.
  • Menus are subject to changes by the participating outlets without prior notice, check in-stores for more details.
  • All information, event details and mechanics are correct at the time of print and are subject to changes without prior notice.

Tiong Bahru Plaza: 302 Tiong Bahru Road Singapore 168732 | Tel: 6276 4686 |  Website

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Tiong Bahru Plaza


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