Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria, Bugis: “Raise your eyebrows, then your standards”

You know what’s harder than asking a parent to pick their favourite kid? Asking me to pick my favourite Tipo establishment under the Black Hole Group. There’s Tipo Pasta Bar (which I’ve revisited more times than is socially acceptable), Tipo Strada (the light of my life), and now, joining their superstar siblings, is Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria.

As the name suggests, this restaurant’s forging ahead with the second of three ‘P’-words associated with Italian food—the first being pasta, and the last, being perfection.

the interior of Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria

You can call me melodramatic, but I don’t mess around, and especially so when Tipo’s in question—today, we’re diving into the cheesy, savoury details, pulling every dish apart like a golden brown circle of thin crust pizza. After all, that introduction’s just the ti-po the iceberg, and now, we’re getting to the main course.

What I tried

Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria's pollo pesto pizza

My title as ‘pesto princess’ is self-proclaimed, but everyone who’s met me will be ever-so-happy to corroborate. When I see pesto-anything on the menu, I order it without hesitation, and Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria’s Pollo Pesto (S$26) was the one with the highest expectations to live up to.

Long story short, dinner started on a good note, but since we’re delving into the juicy details, I’m going to gush about thin-crust pizza topped with earthy basil pesto, laden with mozzarella for a moment. The fresh red onions and pickled mustard seed gave it the extra spark I was searching for, and the savoury smoked chicken and parmesan combination tied this flavour-filled firework together like a perfectly wrapped present.

Ah, Merry Christmas to me; thank you Tipo.

hand in frame shot of ragu campanelle

Maybe pizza isn’t your thing, in which case, maybe we shouldn’t be friends anymore unless you promise to give their Beef Ragu Campanelle (S$20) a shot. Fun fact, the campanelle used in this is actually delivered over to Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria from Tipo Pasta Bar, located just a 10-minute drive away.

a close up of ragu campanelle

While I miss the flexibility of customisation, sometimes, it’s just best to leave the experts to it—this was a rich blend of piquant pomodoro and savoury pecorino, before it’s finally elevated by nutty flavours of brown butter. I found the beef a little too gamey at first bite, but it grew on me, and what could’ve been my only gripe about this dish turned to something I look forward to eating again.

Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria's chicken breast

Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria also offers a variety of mains, of which the Chicken Breast (S$32) is the one to pay attention to. Served alongside a fragrant combination of mushroom duxelle, cep cream, and creme fráiche, this goes above and beyond.

The meat is tender, and the mushroom duxelle explodes across your taste buds in a flamboyant show of herby savouriness that’ll leave you scraping the plate. I’ll admit that the price point is hefty, and my only gripe is that it isn’t quite as filling as I wish it was. Though, whatever it lacks in portion it makes up for in flavour, texture and aroma. 

Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria's rib rack pizza

I’ll always keep the star of the show for the last, and while I so badly wanted it to be the Pollo Pesto, Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria truly outdid themselves with their Rib Rack (S$28) pizza. I don’t think I’ve ever once considered beef, garlic cream cheese, and apricots as ingredients that might taste even the slightest bit delectable when served atop thin-crust golden-brown pizza dough.

Raise your eyebrows, then your standards–this sweet-savoury-cheesy wonder sucker-punched me straight into food coma town. The debate about pineapples on pizza is long over, and now, we’ve got apricots. My vote is yay because when I want a ‘spark’ that sets a dish apart from its competitors, this checks all the boxes. It’s unique, unexpected, and worth every bite, no matter how lactose intolerant you are. 

Final thoughts

hand in frame shot of ragu campanelle

I’ll admit that Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria might not be the most affordable option on the block, but some things are worth splurging on, especially if you’re an adventurous foodie who has no problem giving unusual combinations a shot. Their original selection of customisable pasta will reign supreme in my oh-so-humble opinion forever, but if I have an opportunity to revisit this place, I’d go happily, with a spring in my step.

Expected damage: S$20 – S$28 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria

155 Waterloo Street, Stamford Arts Centre, #01-09, Singapore 187962

Our Rating 4/5

Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria

155 Waterloo Street, Stamford Arts Centre, #01-09, Singapore 187962

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
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