TORCHED: Feast on wallet-friendly flame-grilled meat platters and rice bowls at Clementi

I’d been saddened to hear of many eateries going out of business recently, so it was a nice change to hear how TORCHED came about. Opened by founders Gerald Sim, Xavier Chng and Ian Lam, this hawker stall is a strategic pivot from their previous business, Sunday Roast.

It’s heartening to hear of a food business taking flight despite the hardships of a pandemic.

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TORCHED is a hawker stall nestled in a neighbourhood along Sunset Way, Clementi. They sell hand-picked quality meats on meat platters, burgers and rice bowls, marketing themselves to offer great value for money to customers.

So, despite having a relatively weak appetite for meat after recently quitting vegetarianism, I was curious to see what made TORCHED so special. To prime myself for the feast I was going to have that evening, I stopped eating after 11am that day. Sure enough, I got to Sunset Way hungry enough to eat a horse (which they don’t sell, by the way).

Though there was no long queue in front of them, they were already busy preparing pre-orders that I saw being collected in a steady stream. Regardless, they were still very friendly and patient with my questions.

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What I tried

After a brief internal struggle, I decided to try something from each section of the menu.

Maybe I’m biased towards the vegetarian-friendly, but my favourite item from the lot was definitely the Impossible Rice Bowl (S$22). I loved how the Impossible meatballs had a sweet, charred exterior from being grilled in teriyaki sauce. When bitten into, they had the consistency and colour reminiscent of real meat.

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I’m not a fan of mock meat that attempts to fool me into thinking that it’s real. Instead, vegetarian meat patties are much more enjoyable as they provide rich flavours and meat textures while being unabashedly vegetarian.

With just the right amount of chewiness, these Impossible meatballs achieved the texture of meat without gaslighting me.

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To complete that, the rice was soft and fluffy, with some spots lightly drizzled in teriyaki sauce from the meatballs. The corn and edamame added a nice crunch and pop of colour that made the bowl look all the more wholesome.

With spoonfuls of rice, protein and greens, the Rice Bowls are the most balanced meals you’d find at TORCHED.

Torched 8

Another good call was the Spam Fries (S$6), which added a considerable bit of indulgence to the meal. Although I have not tasted spam in a while, the sweet-savoury notes were a nostalgic reminder of the times I’d beg my grandma for extras when I was a child.

Eat these while hot to enjoy them in their juicy glory. They also go well with a bit of tangy ketchup or punchy chilli sauce, so ask for some if you’re keen.

Though TORCHED drummed up anticipation for their quality meat products, I ended up finding the Impossible meat most satisfying.

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The Signature Honey Soy Chicken (S$9), though delightfully sweet and charred in spots, could have used more consistency in flavouring. Though the meat inside was tender and enjoyable on its own, I was expecting more sweetness all around.

Nevertheless, TORCHED was very generous with their portions.

Torched 12

As for the Single Classic Cheeseburger (S$10), the relish added a much-appreciated moisture to what was an otherwise pretty dry patty. I really enjoyed the sweetness it provided in contrast to the savoury cheddar and sour gherkins. However, I felt that the patty was a tad too gristly for my liking.

Apart from the meat, the rest of the burger components hit the spot. If the patty had been juicier and tender, I think this burger would have been very satisfying.

Final thoughts

As one of my first few forays back into meat-eating, I wouldn’t say TORCHED was the best welcome but it definitely had its wins. If I were to go back, I think I’d more likely stick to the Rice Bowls for the feeling of having a balanced meal.

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TORCHED is a viable option for if you are looking for a meaty feast on a budget. Just remember to bring water because the charred food can leave you pretty parched.

On a side note, keep in mind that they only accept payment in cash or via PayNow.

Expected Damage: S$7 – S$22 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


107 Clementi Street 12, Foodpark, Singapore 120107

Our Rating 4/5


107 Clementi Street 12, Foodpark, Singapore 120107

Telephone: +65 9665 6181
Operating Hours: 11am - 2pm & 5pm - 8pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 9665 6181

Operating Hours: 11am - 2pm & 5pm - 8pm (Daily)
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