Tsui Wah releases new value-for-money breakfast and dinner sets at JEM and Jewel outlets

Tsui Wah is famous for serving up Hong Kong-style food. From a small neighbourhood cafe by the streets of Mong Kok in 1967, Tsui Wah has now become a famous cha chaan teng chain offering classic Hong Kong classics. The cafe has now come up with a new and improved menu featuring their newest breakfast and dinner sets, only exclusive to JEM and Jewel outlets. They even have an ongoing promotion happening for their bakery at all outlets that will last till 30 Nov 2022, so keep reading to find out!

Cha chaan teng refers to a tea restaurant, a Hong Kong-style cafe that is very commonly found in Hong Kong. Tsui Wah’s signatures include Hot Milk Tea (S$3.80) and Bolo Bun — now in different variations.

Tsui Wah 1
Credit – Tsui Wah

From the original Bolo Bun (S$2.80) to Bolo Bun with butter (S$3.80), they also include a ‘zhng‘ed up version of the Bolo Bun with scrambled egg and luncheon meat (S$6.20), almost like a burger!

Tsui Wah has brought the two classics of luncheon meat and bolo bun together and collectively to make an awesome creation. The sweetness from the lightly sugared bolo bun paired with the saltiness of the meat just creates the perfect cohesion.

Tsui Wah 2
Credit – Tsui Wah

Now they even have a promotion ongoing for our old-school classic Egg Tart (S$2.20). They serve up the classic Hong Kong egg tart, with a flaky pastry filled with smooth and sweet egg filling. If you purchase 3 at a time, you’ll get 1 complimentary! Though this promotion is available at all Tsui Wah outlets, note that you’ll have to opt for the takeaway option only, so grab some home for your family.

Aside from their bakery promotions, they’ve included menu staples by changing up their breakfast and dinner set.

Tsui Wah 3
Credit – Tsui Wah

Start your day right by personalising how you want your Hong Kong style breakfast to be. For S$4.80, they serve a comforting bowl of noodles with your own choice of soup and noodles. The selection goes from Instant Noodle, Mixian or Clear Chicken SoupSpicy Mala Soup or Borscht Soup. You can customise it to your own by adding your own toppings, like prawn wontons, enoki mushrooms or luncheon meat for an additional S$1 or S$2.

Tsui Wah 4
Credit – Tsui Wah

For the evening, Tsui Wah has prepared a value-for-money fare for you and your dining companion. At just S$26.80, the dinner set for two includes 2 mains and 2 drinks. You could choose from options like Spiced Pork Chop with Egg Fried Rice or King Prawn in XO sauce with Tossed Noodles and many other amazing options!

Whether you’re craving a bowl of wonton soup on a rainy hot day, thinking of budget-friendly meal options, or intending to grab some breakfast for the next day, Tsui Wah has got you covered!

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