Two Bakers: Try Pandan Hotcakes & Other Brunch Options At This Cafe Near Jalan Besar

Last Updated: July 4, 2017

Written by Sara Mahendran

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Two Bakers is an artisanal cafe and patisserie located on Horne Road, close to Jalan Besar.

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Its interior is pretty standard like most cafes in Singapore, but the food served is definitely above average.

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To start off, I ordered the Cold Brewed White Hazelnut Coffee ($7). This was made in-house and cold-brewed for more than 12 hours.

The result? A creamy, delightful cup of coffee. Though it may not be strong enough to please true coffee aficionados, it is something the rest of us Starbucks and basic kopi drinkers will enjoy.

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The coffee was not too sweet and had a distinct roasted coffee taste along with nutty undertones. The thick texture and aromatic smell reminded me of the amazing coffee I had in Vietnam, albeit less strong in comparison.

Perhaps I will go for the Cold Brewed Black Coffee ($6.50) next time.

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When the Pandan Hotcakes ($9.80) arrived, I was immediately won over by the presentation. Three Japanese-style hotcakes were stacked upon one another with a generous heap of desiccated coconut on top. Slices of strawberries and bananas also adorned the stack, sitting in gula melaka.

The pancakes were dense and moist, just the way I like them. The desiccated coconut was moist and slightly crunchy, providing an interesting texture when eaten with the hotcakes.

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The hotcakes were not too sweet, allowing the gula melaka and fruits to provide the sweetness. I was happy that the pandan flavour was not too strong, and more importantly, that the scent was not sickeningly overwhelming either, as is often the case with pandan baked goods.

Two Bakers actually uses pandan extract that they make themselves over a three-day process. I was surprised at how they chose to make it in-house despite how time-consuming the process is and how they have a very small manpower of only three staff. So they really deserve credit for putting in the effort to create higher quality food.

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The next dish I ordered was the Bacon Mac & Cheese ($15.80). I didn’t think much of it when it was served, mainly because of my aversion to alfalfa sprouts.

But I laid my prejudices (and alfalfa sprouts aside) and dug in. I was impressed by how extremely indulgent it was. It was really everything I could want in a mac & cheese dish — cheesy, gooey, and creamy. This is the best mac & cheese I have had yet.

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The dish uses orecchiette pasta instead of macaroni, which holds the cheese equally well while looking more atas. The cheese sauce was made from scratch, using five different kinds of cheeses, and the effort really shows.

Most mac & cheese dishes that I’ve tried dry out after a while as a result of using pre-made cheese sauces, but this one stayed creamy for a really long time! (I know because the portion was so generous that I had to take it back home for dinner.)

There were also thick strips of streaky bacon in the pasta that were juicy and pleasantly charred at the edges. When coated with the thick cheese sauce, it just tasted so good!

Sadly, like most cheese-heavy dishes, the pasta got kind of jelak after a while, so maybe get this and the hotcakes to share.

I came to Two Bakers for the Pandan Hotcakes (which were good), but I would return primarily for the Bacon Mac & Cheese and the Cold Brewed Coffee, as well as to try all the other delicious artisanal meals that they serve.

Expected damage: $10 – $17 per person


Two Bakers: 88 Horne Rd, Singapore 209083 | Opening Hours: (Mon, Wed, Thu & Sun) 9am – 6pm, (Fri to Sat) 10am – 10pm, Closed on Tuesdays | Tel: +65 6293 0329 | Website

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