Two Chefs Eating Place: Dig Into Crispy Butter Pork Ribs With Condensed Milk Powder At This Zi Char Stall In Commonwealth

You’ve heard of coffee pork ribs, you’ve heard of Marmite pork ribs, but have you heard of Butter Pork Ribs with Condensed Milk Powder?

Two Chefs Eating Place is an unassuming zi char stall tucked away in the neighbourhood of Commonwealth. It’s an old favourite, really. The restaurant draws a full house even on weekdays, not to mention the snake-long queues on weekends, formed by locals hungry for a taste of home.

I’ve been coming here for years and now I’ll let you in on this well-kept secret — the Butter Pork Ribs.

We arrived at Two Chefs Eating Place at 5.30pm, but the place was already half-filled. Service was swift, we were quickly seated and dishes came within 10 minutes (talk about speed?).

It wasn’t my first time here, so I was resisting every urge to stick my finger into the condensed milk powder before taking photos.

First things first — the highlight of the meal — the Butter Pork Ribs ($8). Boneless pork ribs were fried to a crispy perfection whilst retaining its tender texture.

The condensed milk powder sprinkled atop added a nice touch of sweetness. Not cloyingly sweet, but just enough for a perfect balance. People who love sweet-savoury dishes, this will be right up your alley.

Being a carb-lover, rice is something I have to have at every meal. We ordered the Fried Rice ($4) because the tables around us had ordered it. While it looked amazing, the flavour fell short of our expectations.

The rice lacked the essential wok hei that fried rice ought to have, and was a little towards the bland side.

The three egg spinach dish, or what Two Chefs Eating Place call the Vegetable w/Egg, Salted Egg & Century Egg ($8) was next on our list

It was a pretty generous portion for its price, but we felt that the dish could have more century and salted egg chunks, as the soup lacked a little salt.

The Golden Mushroom Beancurd ($8) was my second favourite dish. The beancurd had a strong soy bean taste which had a homely feel to it. Enoki is well, enoki, but together with the minced meat gravy, the entire dish came together perfectly.

Give me a serving of that sauce, and I’d be able to wolf down three bowls of rice with it.

There were hits and misses in our meal, but the one dish that has had me coming back over the years is the Butter Pork Ribs, and I’m pretty sure it will remain my personal favourite for many years to come.

Head down and try it for yourself, and let me know if this is something you fancy. You might even be able to tell me in person as I scrape the condensed milk powder deliciousness off the plate beside you.

Expected damage: $10 – $20 per pax 

Two Chefs Eating Place:#01-129, 116 Commonwealth Crescent, Singapore 140116 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 11:30am–2:30pm, 5pm – 11:30pm | Tel: +65 6472 5361 | Facebook