Ultimate Crab Feast (Plaza Brasserie): The Ultimate Crab Feast buffet

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If you are willing to brave a hasty surge to your cholesterol level for a hearty serving of crabs, turn your attention to Plaza Brasserie in the renowned Parkroyal Hotel Beach Road.

While offering a effervescent, bustling dining scene with a taste of  luxury at every corner, the restaurant has managed to capture the hearts of foodies and crab lovers alike with its latest venture, The Ultimate Crab Feast buffet.

ultimate crab buffet plaza brasserie - cold crab

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With an array of 27 crab dishes, out of which 14 are whole crab dishes, the other 13 are dishes with crab as just an ingredient. Crabs are all pre-cracked and available at the buffet line for patrons to pick which parts they want themselves.

Featuring local favourites such as the black pepper, chilli crab and introducing new creations such as the Crab Kut Teh (yes you read that right), Cereal, and Marmite, can you say Asian Crustacean?

This is the ultimate crab buffet you’ve been waiting for.

ultimate crab feast buffet plaza brasserie parkroyal

ultimate crab buffet - cereal crab parkroyal

parkroyal - cereal

Cereal Crab. Fresh crab covered in a bounteous amount of golden cereal flakes, sweet decadence with a hint of spicy caused by the light sprinkle of chilli padi. A traditional match and definitely one of my favourites.

crab buffet plaza brasserie- crab kut teh

parkroyal - crab kut teh

Crab Kut Teh. Crab steeped in a broth of crab shells, pork bones and ‘Bak Kut Teh’ spices, the soup is mildly peppery, but not a good match with crab in my opinion. This dish is served to the table upon order.

parkroyal - marmite

Marmite Crab. Crab generously coated in maltose, honey, chilli and tomato sauce, resulting in a thick gravy that packed a powerful delicious punch.

parkroyal - curry

Curry Crab. Another well-known local twist, the curry crab is a combination of lemongrass, coconut milk, chillies and curry powder, the result a very delicious serving of crab.

parkroyal - salted egg yolk crab

parkroyal - salted egg

Salted Egg Yolk Crab. Salted egg yolk lovers, rejoice! Plaza Brasserie’s rendition of the salted egg yolk crab is absolutely divine. Rich yolk generously glazes the fresh crab meat, coating your palate in delicious salted egg yolk goodness.

parkroyal - black pepper

Black Pepper Crab. Old school style done right, the black pepper crab is a dish unbeknownst to few. Enjoy the spicy kick that comes with the black pepper, which, however, does not overwhelm the taste of crab.

parkroyal - chilli

Chilli Crab. The holy grail of local cuisine, the chilli crab is a must-have in a crab feast. Most Singaporeans will probably love the delightfully spicy gravy that layers the fresh crab meat.

parkroyal - butter

Butter Crab. Creamy butter oozing out with every bite, the butter crab is a sinful dish that will keep you wanting for more.

parkroyal - nonya

Nonya Crab. The Nonya crab is Plaza Brasserie’s take on Peranakan-style cuisine, an interesting coconut-flavoured dish which, however, wasn’t my cup of tea. Quite similar to the curry crab as well, but worth a try if you are into heavy Peranakan sauces.

parkroyal - crab meat tartlet

parkroyal - crab meat salad

From top: Crab Meat Tartlet, Spicy Crab Meat Salad. If you want to take a break from whole crabs, give the Crabmeat Tartlet and Crabmeat Salad a try. Mouthwatering appetisers with a touch of crab, I really enjoyed the Crabmeat Tartlet – a light pastry with the burst of crab meat and ikura roe I so crave for.

parkroyal - roti john

Crabmeat Roti John. The crabmeat Roti John was a little dry, while the crab flavour wasn’t very obvious. I’d pass on this one.

There is also the usual array of snow crab legs, spanner crab and flower crab available on display for selection to compliment the crab feast buffet at Plaza Brasserie. The usual buffet spread is also available in addition.

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The Ultimate Crab Feast buffet by Plaza Brasserie at PARKROYAL on Beach Road is held from 13 June till 27 July 2014 ($65++ for adult, and S$39++ for child), and is available during dinner buffet (6pm – 10.30pm daily).

Expected Damage: $76 per pax

Plaza Brasserie: 7500 Beach Road, PARKROYAL Hotel Beach Road, Level One | Tel: 6505 5710

*Plaza Brasserie’s crab buffet might be fully booked up and you might want to try Cafe 2000’s Crab Buffet as well.