Plaza Brasserie (PARKROYAL): Seafood fiesta at Treasures of The Sea buffet

plaza brasserie parkroyal

Plaza Brasserie presents “Treasures of The Sea”, a seafood themed all-you-can-eat dinner buffet ($68++) spread that features live stations cooking fresh seafood, mostly of the Asian style.

Executive Chef Jackson Goh also serves up his specialty Curry Fish Head along with various cooking interpretations of Norwegian Salmon.

plaza brasserie fresh seafood

Fresh seafood is served on ice for you at the Cold Seafood Station to savour the original fresh taste.

plaza brasserie asian cooked food

There is also a  variety of Chinese cooked foods for the more traditional taste buds, along with some soups and dim sum.

plaza brasserie dessert station

Not to forget the dessert station with mouthwatering cakes, tarts, fruits as well as ice cream.


Grilled Salmon Fillet with Asian Sambal chilli in Banana Leaves. Interesting Singapore version, but I felt the combination doesn’t go that well together between sambal and salmon.

plaza brasserie salmon wellington

Salmon Wellington. Baked and wrapped in puff pastry like a Beef Wellington, but salmon version.

There is also the Sea-salt Crusted Salmon with Bread stuffing and Classic baked Whole Salmon with Herb Spices to make up the 4 types of salmon served in the buffet.

I liked the Salt crusted one and the classic baked salmon which were simpler and lets you appreciate the salmon more.

Plaza brasserie seafood live station

The outstanding portion of this buffet is the ‘live’ cooking stations, which enables you to select between Garoupa, Red Snapper, Sea Bass, as well as the style to be cooked in (Steamed Hong Kong style or Curry Fish head style).

Along with it is also the Crustacean Corner live station which similarly lets you pick between Bamboo Clams, Mussels, soft-shell clams (lala), prawns or mud crabs, to be cooked in the sauce of your choice. Sauces include Black Bean Sauce, XO sauce or Spicy Coriander.

plaza brasserie buffet singapore

Black pepper Crayfish, fresh prawn, soft shell crab with fruits (I’m random in buffets like that).

plaza brasserie oyster

Fresh Raw Pacific Oysters with Tabasco and lemon.

plaza brasserie hk style fish

Sea Bass steamed in Hong Kong Style. Soft and simply steamed with a very basic sauce.

plaza brasserie red snapper

Red Snapper Steamed in Hong Kong style.

Plaza brasserie mussels black bean sauce

Mussels in Black Bean Sauce. Another very Chinese interpretation of seafood.

flower crab plaza brasserie

Flower Crab Deep fried in Chili Spice. The spice really goes well with the sweetness of flower crab, although flower crabs always present very little meat for the hassle involved de-shelling.

Plaza brasserie sashimi PARKROYAL

Salmon Sashimi.  Although not having a wide Sashimi spread, I have to specially highlight that the salmon sashimi here is really good; you can see the thick white lines of fat, indicating this is a belly/near belly cut. Very soft and melt in your mouth textures.

Curry Fish head plaza brasserie

Curry Fish head. Chef’s specialty curry fish head, although I thought the strength of the curry spices could be stronger and thicker. The red snapper is definitely fresh though.

plaza brasserie desserts

Desserts were pretty standard, and I oh so love yam ice cream along with creme brulee and chocolate cake. You can’t really go wrong with desserts.

plaza brasserie interior

About a 8 minute walk from Nicoll Highway MRT, Plaza Brasserie serves up a large variety of live cooked dishes concentrating on a very Chinese and Singaporean cuisine.

It might get confusing though due to the immense styles and types of crustaceans and fish, but for those of you who know what dishes they like, head to the live cooking station and order up.

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Ultimate Crab Feast Buffet

Plaza Brasserie also serves a crab feast buffet, which will be covered in a separate review. The buffet spread is pretty much the same, just that there is an additional crab corner which serves crabs cooked in 14 different styles like black pepper, chili, salted egg and even bak kut teh style. Read the crab buffet review.

Expected Damage: $72.55/pax

Plaza Brasserie: 7500 Beach Road, PARKROYAL level 1, Singapore 199591 | Tel: 65055710 | Website

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