SG man shows off his vaccination report on his T-shirt to mark the return of dining-in

With effect from last week, Singapore’s restaurants are open for customers to dine in again. Finally, after a hard few months of alternating between opening and locking down. But as we all know, you are only granted entry into F&B establishments if you’ve received the full protection of the vaccine. So, to show the benefit of getting vaccinated, a local man (@hyneo) printed a copy of his vaccination report on a T-shirt.

Man with vaccination report on T-shirt

Many people may find this to be a smart idea, especially those who find opening the TraceTogether app every time they want to have a bite is too much of a hassle. The man’s T-shirt print is a vaccination report that clearly indicates not only his vaccination status but also the vaccine varietal that was administered, as well as the date of effectiveness.

@hyneo wrote in his caption: “This two days dining in is a breeze. No question asked. Benefit of vaccine. Don’t hesitate, vaccine and stay safe.”

Man with vaccination report on T-shirt

While it’s a quirky way of showing support for vaccination, do note that a T-shirt screenshot might not be a sufficient substitute for an actual indication on the TraceTogether, HealthHub apps. Okay, it completely isn’t a substitute, so please show your actual vaccination report on your phone.

The past week has been a flurry of people trying to trick F&B staff with screenshots, and we should support them however we can. If you wanna wear your fully vaccinated pride on your sleeve though, a vaccination report on a t-shirt is a good way to propagate the importance of vaccination—wear it loud and proud.

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