The Social Kitchen opens second outlet featuring The Vegetarian Butcher

Impossible Foods and Quorn are some names which are experiencing rising popularity. What do they have in common? Plant-based meats. The seemingly oxymoronic name actually has a whole lot of sense backing its concept.

Using only components sourced from plants, companies like Quorn are able to create meat substitutes which look, feel and ideally, even taste like meat. In fact, there is already a growing presence for these foods in our local eateries. Franchises like The Soup Spoon and new eateries like The Goodburger Food Truck already feature such items on their menu.

Here’s yet another meat-free option for you. Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) is bringing The Vegetarian Butcher to Singapore. The brand is collaborating with local restaurant The Social Kitchen (TSK) in the opening of its second outlet on 9 December 2020, where TSK will offer an entirely plant-based menu.

Notably, The Social Kitchen has also been providing employment to disadvantaged individuals. Situated at Jurong Bird Park, the partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher in its new space has birthed a menu that at first glance, may fool the unsuspecting eye. Chicken curry noodles and meatball spaghetti are among some of the offerings under TSK’s new menu. But there is an important distinction; a ‘No’ prefix to each dish’s name.

Let’s take a more in-depth look into their items:

Vegetarian Butcher Singapore Dec 2020 Nuggets
Credit – The Vegetarian Butcher

The NoChicken Nuggets in Thai Sauce (S$13) features The Vegetarian Butcher’s meat-free nuggets cooked Thai-style with pineapples and sliced cucumbers. Akin to a bento-style meal for one, diners can look forward to its pairing with white rice topped with fried shallots that makes for a tasty and perhaps healthier dish.

Vegetarian Butcher Singapore Dec 2020 Burger
Credit – The Vegetarian Butcher

Next, the NoBeef Burger (S$14) features the signature meatless patty sandwiched between two buns, served with fries and a side of salad. Think of your regular beef burger, only this time you help the environment with a more sustainable meat substitute.

Indeed, the rise of plant-based meats even amidst the pandemic is testimony of a shift in eating habits and mindsets of consumption, which is definitely a good thing.

For more information regarding The Vegetarian Butcher by Jaap Korteweg, be sure to check out their website.

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Date & Time: Open from 9 December 2020 onwards

Chope Reservations

Prices: From S$12 per item

The Social Kitchen

2 Jurong Hill, The Social Kitchen, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore 628925

The Social Kitchen

2 Jurong Hill, The Social Kitchen, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore 628925

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