VUE: Luxurious Melt-In-Your-Mouth Kumamoto A5 Emperor ‘Kokuou’ Wagyu Beef & More With Gorgeous Views At OUE Bayfront

The elevator dinged and slid open with a futuristic swoosh to the 19th floor of OUE Bayfront. A swanky corridor lined with black and gold mezzanine tiles stood before me, illuminated by the soft glow of an extensive wine collection on my right.

Vue 4

At the end of the corridor, a smiley and well-dressed hostess greeted me and led me inside VUE. French for the word ‘view’, VUE certainly delivers on that promise, with a stunning waterfront view of Marina Bay and a little more — a real sight for sore eyes to unwind after a long workday.

Plus, VUE is cleverly a letter away from OUE, which I found both fitting and witty. After all, there is nothing like a good pun to get your appetite going.

Vue 9

VUE is not just a pretty face—it’s also home to Singapore’s first rooftop spritz bar.

Vue 5

An Aperol spritz hearkens to sun-drenched afternoons and the sound of crystal-clear azure waves lapping against the shore, inviting you for a dip. At VUE’s spritz bar, they serve up a vibrant and exciting range of spritz cocktails, to keep you on your toes and dreaming about hot Italian summers when you take a sip.

Vue 7

To make your Italian daydream a little sweeter, VUE’s rooftop spritz bar offers complimentary canapes with their cocktails. If you are little more ravenous than you care to admit, a Charcuterie Platter (S$38 for three kinds, S$58 for five kinds) will do the trick. From chunky triangles of Country Pâté to vermillion folds of spicy Basque-style Chorizo, it’s hard to resist.

Vue 8

A golden slice of crispy La Coca Bread Toast (S$8) draped with those silky and fatty ribbons is all you need to quell the gurgling in your tummy and whet your appetite for all that VUE has to offer.

Vue 10

When you step into VUE’s main dining hall, it’s hard to miss the dramatic cathedral-inspired arched copper ceiling that bathes the entire room in a soft romantic hue. With glass walls that look out to the scenic views of Marina Bay, it’s a perfect backdrop for date nights and intimate gatherings.

Vue 3

To really soak up that gorgeous waterfront of Marina Bay, VUE even has an al fresco pavilion where you can get unparalleled views of Marina Bay.

Vue 16

As we sat down in the plush and comfy seats, we were presented with the standard bread basket. I spotted thick, hunky slices of Focaccia and by the looks of it, Country Loaf.

While all bread is great, this is no ordinary bread.

VUE tells me their focaccia is made with a serving of wagyu beef fat. That little tidbit got my heart racing and I couldn’t wait to tear into them.

Vue 17

The focaccia was richer and more savoury than most, though the strong flavours from the wagyu tallow took on a more subtle role than I expected. Which in retrospect, was a smarter move on VUE’s part and complemented instead of competed with the herby notes of the focaccia.

Vue 18

To take it a step further, all you have to do is slap a glorious pat of umami-laden truffle butter on that soft and fragrant pillow. Those aromatic notes from the truffle accentuated the fattiness of the wagyu tallow and you’ll be glad you’re not on the keto diet for this.

This is a carb one can wax lyrical about.

Vue 13

To truly start us off, we were then served a spread of Spéciales Geay Size 2 Oysters (S$10 each) with Champagne Mignonette. These oysters were indeed spéciale. These delicate beauties are grown in several oyster parks over a period of 42 months to obtain optimum nourishment.

In other words, expect a plump and creamy oyster to slurp down.

Vue 15

A few lashings of the tangy and sharp Champagne Mignonette and I dare say, it was a perfect mouthful. Fresh, sweet and tantalisingly briny, the journey these Spéciales Geay Size 2 Oysters made to reach you is well worth it.

Vue 19

Ceviche, for the uninitiated, is basically combining spanking fresh chopped fish with a zingy and citrusy dressing. For VUE, their Ceviche (S$38) comes with chunks of diced Ibaraki Halibut, Norwegian Diver Scallop and New Caledonian Prawns cured in citrus-based tiger’s milk.

Ceviche is by no means a looker and you shouldn’t expect it to be. VUE presented their Ceviche as the beautiful mess it should be. Bright green chlorophyll drops are served alongside sunny corn kernels and tangerine bits scattered throughout the plate.

Vue 21

A burst of citrus and floral notes on the nose, this zesty concoction was everything you’d want in a ceviche. Each spoonful was bright and complex, with contrasting textures from the pine nuts that keep you coming back for more.

Vue 24

As we licked our Ceviche plates clean, we waited eagerly for one of the stars of the evening: the binchōtan-grilled Kumamoto A5 Emperor ‘Kokuou’ Wagyu (S$120 for 150g, S$228 for 300g).

Known as the pinnacle of Japanese beef, this gorgeous slab of meat is slow-roasted for over 20 hours and served with a sprinkling of rice salt flakes. The size of mahjong tiles, they had a perfectly ruby-red centre coupled with gleaming threads of marbling and was served alongside a sticky Onion Marmalade and drizzled with a Red Wine Jus.

Vue 26

Buttery and smoky with just the right amount of marbling that coats your tongue, it’s clear why they call this Emperor Wagyu. It’s good enough on its own but even better with a smidge of the caramelly onion compote. Utterly sublime, this is the steak that will spoil you for all future steaks.

Trust me, you’ll be dreaming about this Emperor Wagyu long after your dinner at VUE is over.

Vue 31

To take it up a notch and truly feast like a king, the Roasted Bone Marrow, Truffle (S$15) is an excellent companion.

Vue 33

With savoury truffle crust came a soft and rich centre—this was butter in the best way.

Vue 34

If I thought nothing could top the steak, Chestnut (available in a set) proved me wrong. A show-stopper, this dessert featured a sprinkling of nitrogen-frozen raspberries complete with Instagram-worthy wisps of nitrogen in the air.

Plus, a delicate Cocoa Nib Tuile with dollops of rich Chesnut Mousse was served alongside Chestnut Ice Cream.

Vue 36

This is the part that will make everyone watching your Instastory jealous. After the raspberries, Chef Sam Chin of VUE shaved a lavish amount of truffles over dessert, making this the most luxurious dessert I’ve ever had.

Truffles and chesnuts might seem like an unlikely combination, but I quite liked the mild nuttiness of truffle shavings together with the rich butteriness the chestnut cream.

A play on temperatures, textures and flavours, this was quite simply a virtuoso of a dessert from VUE.

After my exceptional meal at VUE, I left the restaurant still twinkling from the experience. From the service to the food and not forgetting that breathtaking vue, VUE aims to be everything a restaurant can be.

I’m already planning my next visit there (if my wallet allows it) and I guarantee you, VUE won’t disappoint.

Expected Damage: S$60 – S$150 per pax

Price: $ $ $

Our Rating: 5 / 5


50 Collyer Quay, OUE Bayfront, Level 19, Singapore 049331

Our Rating 5/5


50 Collyer Quay, OUE Bayfront, Level 19, Singapore 049331

Telephone: +65 8879 0923
Operating Hours: 5pm - 10.30pm (Dining Room) (Mon to Fri ), Closed on Sat & Sun
Telephone: +65 8879 0923

Operating Hours: 5pm - 10.30pm (Dining Room) (Mon to Fri ), Closed on Sat & Sun
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