WellSmoocht, Sin Ming Road: “This is what dynamic and flavourful vegan fare should look like”

In my experience with vegan fare, what I’ve found has been food that’s tasty, but too dry. But since good vegan options don’t exactly come by easily, I’m always willing to give new places try.

Last week, I had the pleasure of trying WellSmoocht, an all-vegan cafe, and I’m pleased to say that I was impressed beyond my expectations. Located along Sin Ming Road, this cafe is a collaboration between Smoocht x Bold and the now closed Well Dressed Salad Bar

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To those who swear by meat, you might expect that the food would be colourful but raw, and salty without complexity. I too had my reservations going in, though I was eager to be proven otherwise. After all, when you eliminate meat, eggs and cheese, you do lose a wealth of flavour options. 

Well Smoocht 8

Can you believe, then, that this spread was prepared entirely without animal products? 

I had the chance to speak to WellSmoocht’s co-founder, Zenna, who talked me through the dishes. 

What I tried

Well Smoocht 3

First up was the Olive Buddha Bowl (S$11.50), which I never knew could be as tasty and satisfying as this turned out to be. With brown rice tossed in olive paste, the dish infused a deep and pleasant brininess that reminded me of Thai olive fried rice. The fresh purple cabbage, sweet corn, mushrooms and carrots added a welcome fresh contrast against all that richness. 

After you’ve taken all the photos you want (because no one can pass up on such beautiful plating), toss everything to get an even mixture. This is warmth and wellness in a bowl. 

Well Smoocht 4

Another pleasant surprise was the Jack & Dill Pizza (S$17.50). You’d hardly remember that it’s a vegan pizza for all its complexity of taste and texture. Though I usually prefer a thick crust, I still enjoyed this crispy base for its toasty flavour. The cheese here is made of cashew, giving it a nuttiness that gives real cheese a run for its money.

They really pulled out all the stops here with pulled jackfruit, which achieved a texture similar to chicken. I wish there had been more of it to savour though. Regardless, this pizza was so delicious that I packed some home and stingily saved it across three subsequent meals. 

Well Smoocht 5

One of WellSmoocht’s most impressive feats is the Mushroom & “Egg” Truffle Croissant (S$12.50), which manages to create egg and croissant substitutes entirely without the aid of animal products. 

The “egg” here was made of a tofu scramble with truffle oil and turmeric. Convincing in texture and decadent with the taste of truffle, the “egg” was one of the best items on the table.  

Meanwhile, the vegan croissant is made using spelt quinoa and oil. As we know, croissants are heavily reliant on butter for their flaky, layered texture, so it was mind-boggling to gaze at this pastry knowing that it had no butter in it. 

Well Smoocht 9

I did think that the croissant was a little too textured, which was probably because of the quinoa. Though lacking the light flakiness of regular croissants, I was impressed to see visible layers when I cut through it. The vegan croissant was enjoyable, though I’d probably still go for a regular croissant because the butteriness is a huge draw for me. 

Well Smoocht 6

My favourite savoury dish was the Smokey Nachos (S$8.50) from the Light Bites section, which has completely changed the way I view loaded nachos. 

I’ve always had the impression that loaded nachos were an over-the-top and a soggy affair that no one could ever finish before the mains arrived. Well, I did come here to be proven wrong. 

Well Smoocht 13

This bad boy held an unforgettable medley of nacho chips, minced “meat”, sour cream made from tofu, and a house-made smokey sauce. I loved how the sour and smokey flavours came together so harmoniously, with a hint of cheesiness from the nutritional yeast. I’m starting to feel very incoherent thinking about how much I want to eat it again. 

Well Smoocht 11

With the amount of nachos I ate, it was a wonder that I managed to fit in the Mango Burnt Cheesecake (S$11.50) for dessert. But I’m a food writer for a reason, and that reason is gluttony.

The cheesecake is made vegan using cashew, resulting in a creamy and full-bodied cake. Forget a three-tier cake; I want this Mango Burnt Cheesecake for my wedding

The house-made mango sauce brought a pleasant tang to the cake without crossing the threshold to being artificial. As my companion aptly described it, this cake fills your cheeks but never gets overwhelming. We’ll definitely be back for more. Here’s a close-up, so you remember exactly which cake I’m talking about when you visit.

Well Smoocht 10

Final thoughts

WellSmoocht has definitely delivered in terms of demonstrating how dynamic and flavourful vegan fare can be. Impressively delicious food aside, I also had a great time speaking with Zenna about vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.

One of the things she mentioned that stood out to me was how the phrase ‘plant-based’ is heavily misused. While ‘plant-based’ technically only refers to food prepared completely without animal products, it is used too loosely to describe food that still contains trace amounts of animal products. 

As a result, the label becomes misleading to people who rely on it to comply with their dietary restrictions, and in more serious cases, to avoid triggering allergies. I know I’ve been guilty of using the phrase lightly myself, so I’m glad that our conversation has taught me otherwise. 

Well Smoocht 2

If WellSmoocht’s steady stream of customers in the middle of a weekday is anything to go by, they’ve definitely formed a connection with their community of diners. As it is, I’m already looking forward to my return visit. With their constant spirit to create new recipes, WellSmoocht is poised to establish itself as a staple in the community.

If you’d like to try WellSmoocht for yourself, I’d recommend booking ahead to secure a table. They take reservations via direct message on Instagram. Here’s their menu to whet your appetite.

Expected Damage: S$14 – S$29 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5


8 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Centre, #01-03, Singapore 575628

Our Rating 5/5


8 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Centre, #01-03, Singapore 575628

Telephone: +65 6456 6431
Operating Hours: 12pm - 9.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6456 6431

Operating Hours: 12pm - 9.30pm (Daily)
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